TOP 12 DC Contactors Manufacturers (US. China. Japan. UK. Korea)

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High voltage DC contactor is a key safety device for new energy vehicles, it’s hermetically sealed and gas filled. Compare with traditional DC contactors/relays, high voltage DC contactor works in circuit voltage greater than 200V, which is much higher than the traditional car 12-48V. It requires the manufacturers to be more professional with high technology and complex production process.

Due to the differences in parameters of new energy vehicle OEMs and models, high voltage DC contactors will be more demanding on small batches, multi-category, and cost reduction. But most famous manufactures mainly produce standard parts at high price.

In my today’s post, I will list some well-known DC contactor manufactures like TE, Panasonic, GIGAVAC, LSIS, Albright, etc. The quality performance of these reputed suppliers is stable and the clients with whom they work are famous like Tesla.

Of course, there are also some Chinese manufacturers providing cost-effective DC contactors, whose products are tested against TE or Panasonic models, perfect replacement with the same parameters and performance, but at a much lower price.

So now, many buyers are willing to look for cost-effective DC suppliers in China who can accept OEM & ODM service, MOQ is very flexible and negotiable, and delivery time is very fast, basically 2-4 weeks.

Let’s see the major players in high voltage DC contactor markets, the advantages and disadvantages of their products, this report will help to find your best high voltage DC contactors partner for your applications.

TE Connectivity

The world’s top 500 electronic components leader, USA based company. Supply EV relay, and high voltage DC contactor is one of its production line, mainly has 2 Series, Kilovac series (EV and LEV) and EVC Series. Contactors are epoxy sealed, rated voltage 12-900VDC, up to 500A continuous contact current.

Advantage is high quality and high performance, but price is also high, delivery time will be around 4-8 weeks. TE has distributors in different countries.

Panasonic Industrial Devices

The world’s top 500 electronic components leader, Japan based company. DC contactor is one of its production line. Supply ceramic sealed DC contactors, rated current from 10A to 300A, only have 10A, 20A, 80A, 120A, 200A and 300A. Advantage is high quality and high performance, but price is also high.


 Trombetta manufactures DC contactors including general use and sealed DC contactors, for these sealed DC contactors, Trombetta is more focus on low voltage, which means less than 200VDC. These DC contactors are suitable for electric vehicles like golf carts, fork lifts, pallet jacks, UTVs, mowers and snow removers.


Gigavac located in California USA, Manufacturer of advanced switching and power products. Famous for its EPIC sealed high voltage DC contactors. They offer GV Series, GX Series, MX Series and HX Series, wide selection from 12-1500V. They have distributors in many countries.


Guoli is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical vacuum products in Kunshan China. They produce HV relays, vacuum capacitors, and also AC and DC contactors. Parts of GIGAVAC’s DC contactors are manufacturers in GuoLi factory, they offer 50A to 500A DC contactors in rated voltage 12-1200VDC

Albright International

Albright with head office in UK designs and manufactures open style DC contactors for low voltage under 100VDC, wide selection for low voltage stud, low voltage busbar, motor reversing, etc. They launched new range of high voltage contactor—the HV500, which is hermetically sealed with capability of up to 500 Amps and 500Volts.


Hongfa is a leading manufacturer of relays and contactors in China, a listed company which established in 1984. It’s a solution provider of energy, transportation and information industry. Besides traditional automotive relay, power relay, signal relay, hongfa produce new energy realy/which called DC contactor too. They supply ceramic sealed DC contactors from 50A to 600A rated current, customers focus on automotive factory.

LS Electric/LSIS

LS Electric is a solution provider for smart power and automation, located in Korea. High voltage DC relay/contactor is one of its DC component line, offer GER and GPR series DC contactors around 15 P/Ns, from 10A to 500A, rated voltage from 12V-1500VDC. All DC contactors are ceramic sealed.


Merson is a leading player in electrical power industry in France, main products are AC & DC Fuses and Fusegear, low voltage switches and cooling solutions. And now also supplies DC contactor for EV and Charging station,


Littelfuse manufactures diverse products including Fuses and Fuse accessories, automotive sensors, relays, switches as well as high voltage DC contactor relays. They provides high voltage DC contactors with 15 models, rated current from 30 Amps to 500 Amps, and rated voltage from 450Vdc-1500Vdc.

QunYing Electric

Qunying electric belongs to China Electric Corporation (CEC), focus on military and aviation applications. Qunying supplies military relays, automotive relays, low voltage contactors and HV DC contactors. Qunying supplies HV DC contactors from 50A to 400A with DC load up to 900V.


Hotson is one of the leading manufacturers of DC contactor in China that can provide up 600A continuous current. One of Top 10 brands in China’s charging pile/station industry. Hotson specialized in high voltage DC contactors for years, supply over 100 P/Ns of DC contactors in 3 Series, ZJQ series (12V-450Vdc), EVQ Series (12-900Vdc), and EVH Series (12-1500Vdc).

Available with Epoxy sealed and Ceramic sealed high voltage DC contactor up to 600 Amps continuous current, customers can choose cost-effective models or high performance models for their application. More important, Hotson also accept OEM & ODM service.

The end

New energy vehicles generally use high voltage battery pack to provide power drive for EV, in order to ensure the electrical system connect and disconnect properly, a high voltage DC contactor should be configured between the battery system and motor controller.

With the rapid development of new energy vehicle market, it pops out a large demand for high voltage DC contactors.

If you are engaged in new energy vehicles/EV, charging pile, ESS (energy storage system), UPS (uninterruptible power supply), solar photovoltaic and wind power equipment or any other DC switching applications, and you are looking for trusted supplier for high voltage DC contactors or for more information about this industry, please feel free to contact us.

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Jennie Chan
Jennie Chan
Co-founder and overseas sales director of Hotson International (HK) Ltd. 15 years of overseas sales experience, professional in DC contactor industry, I know how to understand your needs and help you find a suitable DC contactor for your unique DC application. Anything regarding DC contactors, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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