20 05, 2024

China Copper Prices: 1/3 of the International | A Scam?


We had a UK client interested in buying 5-ton scrap copper from China. He saw prices on Alibaba ranging from $3,000 to $10,000.With the international copper price around $10,000, he wondered about the actual cost ofbuying scrap copper from China. UK copper prices from LMEPreviously, he had been scammed buying scrap copper from Europe, so [...]

China Copper Prices: 1/3 of the International | A Scam?2024-05-20T16:46:15+08:00
30 04, 2024

Putian Shoes | Famous Fake Shoes in China


You must know that many high-quality imitation branded shoes come from China, such as Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Gucci, and BALENCIAGA. And their main production hub is in the city I'm about to introduce to you todayÔÇöPutian. What is the Putian Shoes? Why does Putian produce so many fake shoes? How is the quality of [...]

Putian Shoes | Famous Fake Shoes in China2024-04-30T11:25:29+08:00
28 04, 2024

6 Steps to Start A Profitable E-commerce Business


Starting an e-commerce business sounds easy, but it remains a significant challenge for ordinary people. For instance, you need to find what products to sell well, where to sell them, and how to attract traffic. Despite frequently hearing numerous success stories of sellers making millions, when you actually get down to it, you'll encounter various [...]

6 Steps to Start A Profitable E-commerce Business2024-05-14T09:57:07+08:00
23 04, 2024

What are Lucrative Items for Small Businesses? 5 Real Examples


It's 2024, and the competition in the e-commerce market is fiercer than ever. However, e-commerce remains the top choice for ordinary people to start a business because of its low entry barriers, flexible investment, and quick and sizable returns. Many people are eager to know what sells best online nowadays. Let's delve.What makes products profitable, [...]

What are Lucrative Items for Small Businesses? 5 Real Examples2024-04-25T09:41:59+08:00
20 04, 2024

Mass Production: Factory Examples and Process


What is mass production? What are examples of mass production? What are the advantages of mass production ? What are the disadvantages of mass production? What is the process of mass-production? How to find the right factory´╝č What is mass production´╝č Once you and the factory have confirmed the samples, you will enter the stage [...]

Mass Production: Factory Examples and Process2024-04-20T16:08:52+08:00
19 04, 2024

What is the final product´╝č| Expert Guide


Do you know what a final product is? What stages does a product go through in a factory before it's born? Today, we're going to talk about three concepts: raw materials, intermediate products, and final products. They describe different stages of a product in the manufacturing process. As a purchaser, understanding these stages your product [...]

What is the final product´╝č| Expert Guide2024-04-19T17:45:54+08:00
19 04, 2024

Expert Guide to APQP | Meaning & Application


What is APQP meaning?How to apply APQP?What are the pros and cons of APQP?Further questions What is APQP meaning? The full form of APQP is Advanced Product Quality Planning. APQP is a framework process used in the development of industrial products and a vital tool in quality management, enabling companies to produce large quantities of [...]

Expert Guide to APQP | Meaning & Application2024-04-22T10:43:39+08:00
18 04, 2024

7 E-commerce Business Types: Which Is Best for You?


When talking about e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Alibaba, we are very familiar with them. These platforms have dramatically changed our lives. Nowadays, more and more people choose to start businesses from home by entering e-commerce. Today, I'll explain the different types of e-commerce with examples. Then, you'll discover which one might be the best [...]

7 E-commerce Business Types: Which Is Best for You?2024-05-11T15:07:39+08:00
17 04, 2024

Asian Size Conversions to US | Which One Suits You?


Compared to other products, clothing and shoes have much more complex sizing. Additionally, with online shopping, consumers cannot try on their purchases like they can in physical stores to determine if the size is right.As a seller in e-commerce, understanding that customers in different regions have different size standards and preferences is crucial. Providing accurate [...]

Asian Size Conversions to US | Which One Suits You?2024-04-18T13:45:32+08:00
16 04, 2024

Hip Hop’ Favorite Jewelry Seller


This 60-year-old Chinese lady might not know every rapper in the world, but every rapper definitely knows her. Her name is Eva Sam, who founded Popular Jewelry in Chinatown. Although the store is relatively small and unassuming on the street, it's a must-visit for many hip-hop singers. Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky, and Drake are all [...]

Hip Hop’ Favorite Jewelry Seller2024-04-16T15:57:46+08:00