2 12, 2023

1688 vs Alibaba: Which is Best for Your China Sourcing?


Many people now want to buy things from 1688 because they believe there are better prices than Alibaba. Today, I'll show you the differences between 1688 and Alibaba, then you'll know if it's the right fit for your China sourcing.What is 1688 and is it the same as Alibaba?How do 1688 and Alibaba differ in [...]

1688 vs Alibaba: Which is Best for Your China Sourcing?2023-12-02T15:51:03+08:00
24 11, 2023

MUST KNOW in 2024: Alibaba to Amazon Sourcing Tips


Embarking on the journey of buying from Alibaba and reselling on Amazon opens a gateway to a world of opportunities and challenges. In this blog, we explore the following 5 key points.Is it profitable to buy from Alibaba and sell on Amazon?What about Alibaba to Amazon FBA step-by-step?4 common newbie mistakes when buying from Alibaba [...]

MUST KNOW in 2024: Alibaba to Amazon Sourcing Tips2023-11-24T16:53:08+08:00
18 11, 2023

Product Infringement Challenges


A few days ago, our client Anna told us her product got pulled off by Amazon due to infringement, and she mentioned that the factory had not warned her about potential infringement issues. We have to say, never fully trust what the factory says! Firstly, they only care about whether their products can be sold, [...]

Product Infringement Challenges2023-11-18T15:49:43+08:00
8 11, 2023

How to Source the Best Fabrics for Your Business?


Fabric sourcing is choosing the best supplier to provide the fabric you need. It involves finding suitable materials that meet quality, cost, and design requirements. It's crucial for industries like garments and home textiles, as they depend on specific fabrics for their items. So in this post, we'll explore some key information about fabric sourcing [...]

How to Source the Best Fabrics for Your Business?2023-11-09T11:48:23+08:00
1 11, 2023

E-commerce Product Photography: Issues & Fixes


It is very important to do an e-commerce photo shoot. Many importers who source products from China often encounter this question: should I conduct e-commerce product photography in China or my own country? China, undoubtedly. Read the following post and you will understand why I have come to this conclusion. Product Photography Challenges Faced by [...]

E-commerce Product Photography: Issues & Fixes2023-11-01T15:32:14+08:00
17 10, 2023

Order Fulfillment in Supply Chain: A Comprehensive Guide


Efficient order fulfillment is the backbone of a smooth-running supply chain. In this article, we dive into order fulfillment from the following 4 key aspects:What does order fulfillment mean in supply chains?What is an example of order fulfillment?How does order fulfillment work in 7 steps?How to optimize the order fulfillment process? What is Order Fulfillment in [...]

Order Fulfillment in Supply Chain: A Comprehensive Guide2023-10-17T14:44:05+08:00
15 09, 2023

EU UFI Label: Safe from Harmful Products


According to REACH and CLP regulations, products that contain hazardous mixtures must contain a UFI code when sold in the EU. This article provides some important information on this code and you can find out how to label it for your business.What is a UFI number?Which product needs a UFI number?What is its specification?How to [...]

EU UFI Label: Safe from Harmful Products2023-09-15T14:45:03+08:00
12 09, 2023

Over, Short & Damage in Shipping: How to Handle It?


Not every shipment arrives in perfect condition. Any disputes or discrepancies can arise between you and freight forwarders. In such cases, you need an OS&D report to clear the real situation of your goods. Now let's take a closer look.OS&D meaning5 types of OS&D claims2 key points in OS&D claims What is over, Short & [...]

Over, Short & Damage in Shipping: How to Handle It?2023-09-12T16:52:38+08:00
21 08, 2023

DoC: Your Passport in the European Market


If your target customers are in Europe, besides requiring CE marking and UKCA marking, you need to provide a Declaration of Conformity. However, surprisingly, many importers are not aware of the importance of it. Today's post provides a comprehensive introduction to DoC. I believe you will have a clear understanding after reading it. What does [...]

DoC: Your Passport in the European Market2023-08-21T15:49:31+08:00
14 08, 2023

Forging Process & 6 Common Types Explained


As a popular production method, forging has been used for centuries to produce metal tools, weapons, and daily products. They often feature high strength and durability. So today let's explore the nature of forging, helping your business stay forged for success.The meaning of Forging6 common types of forgingMain forging process What does forging mean?Forging is [...]

Forging Process & 6 Common Types Explained2023-08-15T11:43:34+08:00