Want to make money selling products on Amazon but struggling with these issues:

At this point, you definitely should turn to JingSourcing, rather than aimlessly browse Alibaba for your Amazon business.

JingSourcing has served Amazon sellers in the USA and Europe since 2015. In addition to million-dollar companies, we’ve helped many startups source their first products and successfully launch their businesses.

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We are the only company in China that provides Amazon sellers with one-stop solutions, ensuring service quality: connection to superior suppliers, multiple sample comparisons, customization, effective quality inspection, and shipping to any Amazon fulfillment centers or other third-party warehouses. We manage supply chains in China and save your concerns.

Why can JingSourcing deal with low-MOQ orders?

New Amazon sellers with a tight budget and low order quantity but want to differentiate products from competitors. They find most Alibaba suppliers will reject you since the small quantity doesn’t make it worth their effort to earn profits.

In contrast, we can handle such multi-thousand dollar orders well. Being based in the famous Yangtze River Delta industrial cluster, we have established a wide network of local factories of all sizes, most of which are not available on Alibaba. And based on our good relationship, we can quickly find suitable suppliers to deal with your orders.

Yiwu Market is across from us
Yiwu Market is across from us

Why can JingSourcing offer you good prices?

Objectively speaking, with a limited budget and small MOQ, it’s hard to negotiate a favorable price from the supplier.

More importantly, if you haven’t compared dozens of suppliers, you won’t know the reasonable price range. In the end, you choose a price you can accept, not the best price.

We source over 100,000 types of products and know their production processes and costs very well. Additionally, we get quotes, make samples, and compare them from local factories. This process is quicker and easier than for overseas purchasers.

JingSourcing factory audit 1
audit the factory-1
JingSourcing factory audit 2
audit the factory-2

Why can JingSourcing get your sourcing points better than factories?

Communicating with Chinese factories is exhausting. Because language and cultural differences can limit their full understanding of your true needs. Additionally, many factories have a fixed mindset and focus only on their existing product lines, unwilling to make changes to meet your requirements, especially if your order is small.

For example, a factory specializes in dog chew toys, frisbees, and ball training toys, and sources other items like leashes, kennels, and backpacks from different factories to expand the product range. If your custom order is for their main products, like chew toys, they will usually cooperate and meet your needs.

dog chew toys
dog chew toys
dog frisbee
dog frisbee
suction cup interactive dog toys
suction toys for dogs
dog leashes led
dog leashes led
Matching Dog Backpack and Human Backpack Set
dog-human backpack set

JingSourcing is different. We have served over 1,000 Amazon sellers, enabling us to consider product materials, manufacturing, costs, etc., from a seller’s perspective. We excel at private label products, developing brand-new products, and bundling products. Therefore, working with us is far easier than factories, and we’ll match you with the right factory to produce your desired product at a low cost.

How does JingSourcing ensure your product quality well?

Quality counts as poor products will bite you eventually. Many Amazon sellers source from China and use 3rd-party inspection firms for quality checks. The 3rd-party usually does AQL sampling inspections and issues a report that only tells you if the inspection passed. The process is too procedural. Moreover, unfamiliarity with product materials and production can limit their inspections to surface-level checks, hard to spot potential issues from a product perspective. This is an objective fact.

But JingSourcing is different. Our inspectors are very familiar with products and able to figure out potential issues you might not notice. That is, we can not only inspect products as per your requirements but also help prevent problems in advance.

What’s more, our QC service is more flexible. We send photos/videos of inspected items to you and confirm with you if the defect we find is acceptable. If not, we help you to talk with the supplier until the issue is resolved. Like you’re doing the inspection yourself.

As for the fees, we charge only $40 per person a day, much cheaper than the $200-300 per person per day charged by 3rd-party inspection companies. This is perfect for Amazon sellers with limited budgets or small purchase amounts. Even if you want a full inspection to reduce defect rates to zero, we are very cost-effective.

If you’re frustrated by these tricky problems, don’t hesitate, come to us. JingSourcing is here to help you find reliable suppliers, obtain the best prices for your ideal products, and ensure quality. We’ll make your wholesale sourcing process in China smooth and hassle-free.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Do you offer Amazon FBA labeling service?

Yes, we can help you with Amazon FBA labeling, such as  FNSKU labels, shipping labels, warning stickers, etc. We charge $5 per hour, which is lower than the $0.20–$0.30 per unit charged by third-party FBA prep service providers.

2. Will you help Amazon product photography and videography?

Of course. We have a dedicated photography and design team specializing in high-quality product photos and videos, helping you attract customers and drive your sales. This is more cost-effective than hiring your own designer. Meanwhile, this also saves you time as we can complete the photography once you confirm the product samples.

3. Do you provide free warehousing service?

Yes. We offer 1-2 months of free warehousing service. You can store some products in our 4,000-square-meter warehouse.

When you need replenishment, we’ll deliver products to your Amazon FBA warehouse in batches and on time. This helps you reduce expensive storage fees and manage limited storage space during peak seasons.

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