Practical and beautiful packaging can improve the competitiveness of the products, and make your product stand out on the market. Nowadays, more and more importers prefer to customize packaging boxes from Chinese suppliers, because they only need to spend a small amount of money to market their brands and gain greater profits. Alibaba is a preferred platform.

Today’s post discusses the details of packaging customization on Alibaba from three aspects.

Two types of Alibaba custom packaging

By searching for some keywords such as “packaging” on Alibaba or directly clicking Packaging & Printing, you will see lots of packaging styles and custom services. According to your needs, you can select an appropriate one by choosing material, product usage, certification, low MOQ customization, and other categories.

Alibaba suppliers provide customers with 2 customized options.

Make modifications to the existing packaging

You can let the suppliers print some basic information (e.g. your logo, brand name, etc.) on the existing packaging. Many suppliers also provide multiplier printing methods, such as UV, embossing, and gold hot stamping. In addition, requirements such as changing color, size, material, etc. are allowed. All these will affect the price of packaging customization.



Gold hot stamping

Customize new packaging

You can also design the product packaging by yourself, and then send the design drawings to your packaging suppliers, which is also the choice of many importers.

This packaging customization method is not expensive. For example, you design the following 195*137*150mm corrugated mailer boxes and find a factory to customize them. The unit price is $0.80 for 500 pieces and $0.50 for 1000 pieces. The larger the quantity, the lower the price.

 Alibaba packaging boxes

It is not difficult for the factory to remake it for you. Under normal circumstances, it only takes 3-5 days for the sample and 7-15 days for mass production. The accurate time depends on the material, printing method, box type, etc.

Note that all factories on Alibaba providing packaging customization services have MOQ. You need to meet the MOQ requirements before they can help you produce.

How to customize packaging from Alibaba?

When you want to customize the packaging for products wholesaled on Alibaba, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. For example, what style of packaging do you need for your products? What materials can protect your product during transportation? At the same time, you should also think about the details of package size, shape, delivery time, and cost (including freight, printing costs, etc.).

Then we start focusing on the steps of packaging customization on Alibaba, which mainly consists of the following parts.

Step 1. Select the packaging style

You can search for related packaging products on Alibaba to know their packing style. And you can also design by yourself to create a product spec sheet, or find a professional designer such as JingSourcing to help you. If you choose the latter, you need to send your product sample to the designer or tell him the specification of the product, which includes basic product information, product description, etc., then you just wait for the design drawings.

Step 2. Search for suppliers

When you receive your design drawings or have chosen the packaging style you like on Alibaba, the next step is to seek packaging suppliers. You need to send the spec sheet, pictures, URL, etc., to the suitable suppliers (at least 2-3), and confirm some product details with them (e.g. material, color, size, etc). Then you will get the quotation. Note that all things can be negotiated.

Step 3. Get the samples & place the order

If you accept their prices, the suppliers will make samples and send them to you. You first should check whether the logo, print quality, and size of the sample meet your standards or not. And then, according to communication, quotations, sample quality, and other factors, you can select the supplier you think is most appropriate to place the order.

Step 4. Arrange mass production and shipment

After you place the order, the factory will start to arrange mass production. Once finished, it will be sent to your product supplier for combination and then sent to you together according to your requirements.

JingSourcing's adv. over Alibaba in custom packaging

As a sourcing agent, JingSourcing can provide services that are more advantageous than Alibaba in the following aspects.

MOQ & Price

The MOQ for packaging customization on Alibaba is very high. If you fail to reach it, you will be rejected. However, we can do it for you with a lower MOQ (e.g. two or three hundred), which is very suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Because we have many long-term cooperative packaging factories. Even if the order quantity is small, they are also willing to produce for us.

In addition, located in Yiwu, JingSourcing is surrounded by a lot of packaging factories and can help you find more professional suppliers at a more competitive price.

High efficiency

When you want to customize both products and packaging on Alibaba, you will find it is not easy to communicate with both-side suppliers.

Suppose you find a designer to customize packaging, once the pp sample of the product has been finished, you need to send it to your packaging designer after confirming the quality and other aspects are satisfying. Only after getting the product can the designer know the actual situation (e.g. size, shape, etc.) and start to design. And then you need to send the finished design drawing to your packaging supplier. This process takes a lot of time and energy.

JingSourcing can help you solve these problems. We can help you find a suitable supplier to produce the products, and then send a sample to our company (1-3 days). After you confirm the sample quality, we can design the packaging in the mass production process of your products, and then find a suitable supplier to do it, which is very efficient.

One-by-one quality inspection

We have our own warehouse, and you can send both your product and packaging to us. We will check the packaging and product quality one by one and help you pack them if you need. However, suppliers on Alibaba usually only send the packaging to your designated place after finishing producing it.

Multiple packaging customization choices

Whether you want to custom simple packaging for daily-used products (e.g. clothes and shoes) or exquisite gift boxes for high-end products (e.g. electronic products, cosmetics, and jewels), we all can help you. Besides, we can design packaging inserts to increase the fun of unpacking.

We have a professional and experienced design team to serve you. You can send us a design drawing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have one, we can design from scratch.

Simple packaging

Exquisite gift boxes

Packaging inserts

In conclusion, JingSourcing can provide a one-stop service to make your entire customization process more efficient.

Contact JingSourcing to Customize Packaging.

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