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Multiple Candle Containers We Sourced for Our Clients

Tinplate Candle Containers

candle container-9b22a01

Candle Making Use Tin Container with Lid

Item ID: 9b22a01
Price: $0.3/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

candle container-9b22a03

100ml Small Empty Tin Can with metal lid For Candle Container

Item ID: 9b22a02
Price: $0.25/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

48pc Mini candle container

Mini Tinplate Tin Pails with Handles Votive Candle Container

Item ID: 9b22a03
Price: $0.1/pcs as low
MOQ: 2000pcs

candle container-9b22a04

Capacity Clear Top Square Silver Metal Tins Great for Candles

Item ID: 9b22a04
Price: $0.39/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

Glass Candle Containers

candle container-9b22a06

Custom Glass Jar Container for Candles

Item ID: 9b22a05
Price: $0.1/pcs as low
MOQ: 2000pcs

candle container-9b22a07

Handmade Empty Candle Jars Containers with Lid

Item ID: 9b22a06
Price: $1.0/pcs as low
MOQ: 600pcs

candle container-9b22a08

8oz Glass Candle Containers with Lids

Item ID: 9b22a07
Price: $1.3/pcs as low
MOQ: 800pcs

candle container-9b22a11

Thanksgiving Day Glass Container for Candles

Item ID: 9b22a08
Price: $1.4/pcs as low
MOQ: 600pcs

Candle container-9b22a13

Empty Large Elegant Orange Candle Glass Container

Item ID: 9b22a09
Price: $1.8/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

Candle container-9b22a10

Clear Square Glass Candle Jar Container

Item ID: 9b22a10
Price: $0.9/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

glass candle container

Glass Votive Candle Holder Container

Item ID: 9b22a11
Price: $1.8/pcs as low
MOQ: 900pcs

glass candle container

8oz Handmad Candle Glass Jar Candle Container

Item ID: 9b22a12
Price: $2.1/pcs as low
MOQ: 800pcs

Ceramic Candle Container

ceramic candle container

Ceramic Candle Container with Wooden Lids

Item ID: 9b22a13
Price: $1.5/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs

ceramic candle container

Matte Ceramic Candle Container with Lid

Item ID: 9b22a14
Price: $0.8/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs

ceramic candle container

Custom Rose Gold Candle Vessel Ceramic Candle Container

Item ID: 9b22a15
Price: $0.7/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

ceramic candle container

Matte Small Ceramic Candle Container for Home Décor

Item ID: 9b22a16
Price: $1.6/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

Other Candle Container

wooden candle container

Wood Grain Decorative Glass Jar Candle Containers

Item ID: 9b22a17
Price: $1.2/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

plastic candle container

Crystal Clear Heart Shape Plastic Tealight Candle Containers

Item ID: 9b22a18
Price: $0.15/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

cement candle container

Cement Candle Jars Unique Candle Vessel Container with Wax

Item ID: 9b22a19
Price: $1.6/pcs as low
MOQ: 800pcs

metal candle container

Candle Making kit, Small Empty Metal Jar Tins Container

Item ID: 9b22a20
Price: $0.4/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

If you are not interested in these candle containers or need to customize your own one, tell us more details of the products you are looking for. 

Your personal agent will find the manufacturer in China and send you quotation shortly (Amazon, Ebay links will be good).

Knowledge of wholesale Candle Containers

The materials for candle container can be divided into tinplate, ceramic, glass and crystal. You can choose the material of the candle container you need from the direction of their applicable situations and characteristics.

  • The candle container made of tinplate is lightweight and portable. And the retro-decorated house always uses the tinplate candle container with a classic design.
  • As the glass material has the characteristics of good permeability, scented candle container mostly adopts glass. And candle containers made of glass are more common in a quiet environment with simple decoration.
  • With good thermal stability, the ceramic material can be used to make candle containers of more styles, which are not easy to fade. And the ceramic candle containers are more popular in places with more artistic designs.

The common ways to add the logo on the candle container include paste paper label, decalcomania, logo print, laser engraving, and embossed logo.

Logo customization for the glass candle container usually uses the way of decalcomania, logo print or laser engraving. The MOQ for these three ways of logo customization is about 1000pcs. If you choose decalcomania, you need to pay a customization fee of approximately $0.1 per piece, and you may need to pay about $0.15 per piece if you want to print the logo, while the customization fee for laser engraving is nearly $0.24 per piece.

If you want to print a logo on a ceramic candle container, you may need to pay the supplier a customization fee of $0.22 or so per piece. And the MOQ set by candle container manufacturer is around 2000pcs.

The tinplate candle container can make the logo with coated paper label, logo printing or embossed logo. The MOQ of the coated paper label is about 1000pcs, and about $0.17 per piece customization fee is also required.

As for logo printing, the MOQ is about 2000pcs, and the customization fee is about $0.08 per piece. Due to the complicated manufacturing process, the MOQ of the embossed logo is around 5000pcs, at the same time, you may have to pay more than $500 for the mold.

The most commonly used thickness for an acrylic box is 3mm, 4mm, or 5mm. 3mm thickness is usually used for box body while 5mm for lid and bottom. 3mm thickness acrylic bulk box has high transparency, nice appearance, simple lines, most customers like them.

If you want to buy candle containers with existing styles from the Chinese supplier, the MOQ will be relatively low, such as 500-1000pcs. And the MOQ is a little bit higher if you need to customize a brand new candle container.

If you plan to customize the candle container color, a variety of spray processes are available for you, such as electroplating, frosting and so on. And your purchasing quantity needs to reach the MOQ of 1000-1500pcs.

If you want to customize the size of a candle container, such as 6 x 8cm, and the candle container supplier can make a candle container of this size, you only need to achieve a MOQ of about 1200pcs. And if the candle container supplier doesn’t have a mold of this size, you may need to pay about $15000 or more for the mold.

If you want to buy candle containers in bulk from Chinese suppliers, you can look for candle container makers in China or go directly to the industrial cluster of candle containers manufacturers, such as Shenzhen, Guangdong or Yiwu and Ningbo, Zhejiang for offline candle container wholesale.

When you are not in China or you only want to wholesale candle containers online, you can go to some Chinese wholesale websites such as DHgate, Global Source, etc. to purchase candle containers.

Why Choose Jingsourcing to Import Candle Containers from China?

Competitive Price
Packaging Customization

No matter how large your order is, we have the packaging design service and can provide a variety of packaging solutions for you. Maybe you have the idea of packaging customization for candle containers, we will provide you with a special design of candle containers package until you are satisfied.

Lower MOQ​

Jingsourcing locates in Yiwu, Zhejiang where candle container suppliers are concentrated. And we keep long-term cooperation with many candle container suppliers. When you want to buy a small number of candle bottles to test the market, we will help you find the right supplier and get a lower MOQ.

Quality Guarantee​

We will follow up the product production so that all the candle containers are produced according to your needs, and we will carefully check the quality of your candle containers in our own warehouse, and solve the quality problems in time to ensure that there’s no quality problem before arranging shipment.

Fast & Easy

From selecting the supplier to shipping, we have corresponding services to help you save time and energy spent on candle containers wholesale. We can not only provide you with shipping consultation service but also help you a lower shipping rate because we ship a large number of goods for my customers every day.

The Process of Purchasing Through Jingsourcing

Step 1

   Fill out the contact form. An agent will reach out to you, and send you quotation from the best manufacturer. It’s free.

Step 2

   Get product sample from us to check quality. We also help you customize product sample with your design or packaging. Sample cost just starts from $20.

Step 3

   Confirm all details before production. Then we help you follow up production, make sure products are made according to your requirements. You only pay service fee 5% as low.

Step 4

   Once the production is finished. We help you inspect quality for free, and send you inspection report. Then help you arrange shipment all the way to your address in your country.