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Finding the right buttons for your project is really hard. But with Jingsourcing, things just become more easy.

As a leading sourcing company based in China, we helped hundreds of people find all kinds of buttons directly from manufacturers, and gained the best buttons manufacturering company resources in China.

You don’t need to have any experience about importing, because a professional agent guides you step by step, until you receive all products in your country.

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Competitive Price
Competitive Price​
When you wholesale buttons on your own from manufacturers, you might be limited by high MOQ. If you choose Jingsourcing, you don’t have to worry about this. Because we can help you find the right supplier with a fair price, and the product sourcing service we provide is free.
Lower MOQ​
Usually, the buttons manufacturers set a high MOQ over 5000pcs. While the quantity of the buttons you want can not reach the MOQ, you can choose Jingsourcing. Because we will try to get the lowest MOQ for you within the range that the manufacturer can accept.
Easy Customized
There are so many button patterns that even manufacturers can’t show them all to you, which makes it hard for you to find what you want. But with many buttons factory sources, we can quickly find out what you want for you. If there are no buttons in stock, the supplies can  customize for you.
Low Shipping Cost
No matter what shipping methods you choose, we can help you calculate the cost and delivery time of different shipping types, and give you the practical suggestions. We can also provide you with a low shipping rate as we help our customers ship out tons of products every day.
Jean Buttons

ID: wb1070

Metal jean buttons, 24 patterns, diamete 17mm

ID: wb1027

Jean buttons and rivets, diameter 20mm, 25 patterns

ID: wb1073

Round jean buttons, 14 colors, diameter 14mm

ID: wb1075

Metal jean buttons, 18 patterns, diameter 17mm

ID: wb1125

Enamel jean buttons, fashion design, 30 patterns

ID: wb1126

Metal jean buttons, diameter 17mm, 24 patterns

ID: wb1127

Jean buttons with rivets, 9 patterns, diameter 17mm

ID: wb1128

Metal jean buttons, 27 patterns, diameter 17-25mm

Snap Buttons

ID: wb1120

Metal snap buttons, 12 patterns, diamete 15mm, 4 botton models

ID: wb1124

Diameter 15mm, 12 patterns, 4 bottom models

ID: wb1109

Diameter 16/17mm, 16 pattens, 2 bottom models

ID: wb1105

Metal snap buttons, diameter 20mm, 2 bottom models

ID: wb1104

Fruits snap buttons, 11 patterns, 7 botton models

ID: wb1117

Animal metal snap buttons, 11 patterns, 4 bottom models

ID: wb1123

Plant & flower snap buttons, 12 patterns, 4 bottom models

ID: wb1121

Animal metal snap buttons, 6 patterns, 4 bottom models

ID: wb9001

Snap buttons, 11 colors, 10/12/15/17/20mm

ID: wb1100

Diameter 17/19mm, 3 colors, 2 bottom models

ID: wb1094

Plane snap buttons, 9 colors, 2 bottom models

ID: wb1114

Lion metal snap buttons, diameter 15-25mm, 4 bottom models

Natural Buttons

ID: wb1005

Shell buttons, 12 colors, diamete 10-20mm

ID: wb1007

Natural shell buttons, diameter 11.5-25mm

ID: wb1008

Natural shell buttons, diameter 9.0-15.0mm, 3 colors

ID: wb1051

Natural horn buttons, diameter 10-28mm, 10 patterns

ID: wb1129

Natural coconut buttons, diamete 9-30mm

ID: wb1063

Wooden buttons, diameter 10.0-25.0mm, 3 colors

ID: wb1059

Fish eyes wooden buttons, diameter 11.5-25.0mm

ID: wb1015

Natural black horn buttons, size 52x20mm

Toggle Buttons

ID: wb1012

Colorful toggle buttons, 11 colors, size 38x11mm

ID: wb1013

Leather toggle buttons, 3 colors, size 18mm

ID: wb1014

Leather toggle buttons with rivets, 3 patterns,

ID: wb1079

Leather horn toggle buttons, size 18mm

ID: wb1080

Metal leather toggle buttons, size 18mm

ID: wb1081

Leather toggle buttons, size 16.5mm

ID: wb1083

Leather horn toggle buttons, size 16mm

ID: wb1087

Leather horn toggle buttons, size 16.5mm

ID: wb1086

Metal leather toggle buttons, size 22mm

ID: wb1085

Leather toggle buttons, size 16.5mm

ID: wb1084

Leather toggle buttons with rivets, size 18mm

ID: wb1091

Leather horn toggle buttons, size 17mm

If you are not interested in these buttons or need to customize your own one, tell us more details of the products you are looking for. 

Your personal agent will find the manufacturer in China and send you quotation shortly (Amazon, Ebay links will be good).

How to get buttons from manufacturer

Step 1

   Fill out the contact form. An agent will reach out to you, and send you quotation from the best manufacturer. It’s free.

Step 2

   Get product sample from us to check quality. We also help you customize product sample with your design or packaging. Sample cost just starts from $20.

Step 3

   Confirm all details before production. Then we help you follow up production, make sure products are made according to your requirements. You only pay service fee 5% as low.

Step 4

   Once the production is finished. We help you inspect quality for free, and send you inspection report. Then help you arrange shipment all the way to your address in your country.