When purchasing bottle caps, you may be surprised to find there is a wide range to choose from. So it is necessary to have further understanding. This post can help you get informed of the different bottle closures and then you can select the most suitable one for your products.

Ten common types of bottle closure

There are many different bottle lids and caps, and they are suited for different purposes. Here I introduce you to 10 common cap types.

Screw lids


Screw caps are the most popular type of cap. There are threads on the inside of the lid that match the threads on the mouth of the container and form a tight seal when tightened. It is usually made of plastic or aluminum, but some also use silicone or rubber.

Mainly for plastic bottles, screw caps suit a variety of product types, from beverages such as water and soda to food products such as condiments and sauces, as well as pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

Crown caps


This type has a crimped edge around the cap, which resembles a crown. So people call it a crown cap. Crown caps are typically made of metal, commonly aluminum, and consist of a flat circular disc with a crimped edge. The inside of the cap has a plastic or rubber liner that provides a seal when the cap is pressed onto the bottle’s neck.

Because they have a good ability to create an airtight seal, they are widely used by glass bottle manufacturers for sealing carbonated beverages like beer and soda.

Push-pull caps


This design involves a shaped nozzle pointing upwards that you pull to open and push to close the bottle. Compared with other caps, the push-pull cap has a smaller liquid outlet, and the flow needs to be adjusted by pressing the bottle body. Most include a plastic protective cap to cover the nozzle.

Push-pull caps are common for sports drinks because people can engage the nozzle with their teeth while jogging or cycling. This cap is also popular in dishwashing packaging.

Handle caps


It refers to a type of closure or cap equipped with a built-in handle that folds down for storage purposes. The handle makes it easy to carry or transport containers. These lids are suitable for most containers, such as drinks, pet food, cereal, etc.



Corks are wooden closures, primarily made from the bark of the cork oak tree. It is lightweight, elastic, and compressible, allowing it to form a tight seal when inserted into a bottle’s neck. Cork also has excellent insulating properties and is resistant to moisture. So it is always used for wine bottle stoppers.

Due to the high cost of natural cork, many people also choose synthetic cork instead.

Pump caps


Pump caps refer to closures that are equipped with a pump mechanism. They provide controlled and hygienic dispensing of products, and it allows for easy, measured application. They come in different sizes and styles, such as lotion pumps, spray tops, trigger pumps, etc.  Pump caps are widely used in the cosmetics, personal care, and household cleaning industries.

Disc top cap


The surface of this cap is similar to a disk, and the liquid outlet is hidden inside the bottle. You can press one end of the cap to make the liquid outlet protrude. After use, press the bottle cap again to close the bottle. These caps are easy to use with one hand and are convenient for a variety of personal care and household products such as shampoo, hand cream, lotion, body wash, and more.

Dropper caps


Dropper caps are designed to provide controlled dispensing of the product, allowing the user to measure and apply the desired amount accurately. They are especially common in skincare and cosmetics, such as serums, essential oils, etc., to help control the precise application.

Flip Top Lids


It is designed with a hinged top that can be flipped open and closed for easy access to the contents. Flip-top lids are popular for their user-friendliness and effectiveness in maintaining the freshness and quality of enclosed products. This type is always shampoo bottles, ketchup bottles, water bottles, etc.

Child-resistant caps


The child-proof cover is a variation of the screw cap. It requires specific steps to be opened through a special design. The user must press and twist to unscrew the cap. This kind of lid is suitable for medicine bottles to prevent children from opening easily and causing injury.

What should you consider when making bottle caps?

Choose the right materials

Different bottles have different uses and require different materials. For example, mineral water bottles mostly use plastic, glass bottles for beverages mostly use metal caps, and most red wine bottles use wooden stoppers.


The purpose of the bottle cap is to effectively seal the bottle mouth, prevent the content inside from getting damp or oxidized, and ensure that the product has a good service life. Good sealing also prevents liquid substances from leaking or evaporating.


Bottle caps should have child safety measures, especially those on medicine bottles, to prevent children from swallowing or accidentally opening the bottle cap. If the liquid contains chemicals, the cap must be compatible with those chemicals to prevent the material from corroding or causing harmful reactions.

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