Yiwu (义乌) is located in central Zhejiang province near the southeast coast of China. It’s famous as the world’s wholesale commodity center.

There is no international flight that can arrive at Yiwu because Yiwu is a county-level city. So the importers normally arrive at,

  • Shanghai
  • Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Hangzhou

Then take another journey to Yiwu.

Getting to Yiwu can through three ways: airplane, train, and long-distance bus, and it’s very convenient to use your passport to buy tickets. Please note that foreigners can only buy train tickets at ticket windows in Tickets Hall, they cannot book train tickets online or at the ticket machines in Tickets Hall.


1. How to get to Yiwu from Guangzhou/Shenzhen?

There are following two ways to get to Yiwu from Guangzhou/Shenzhen:

a. Get to Yiwu by Airplane

If the international flight you will take is arriving at Guangzhou/Shenzhen airport, then you’d better take another air flight to Yiwu as you don’t need to take any urban transportation in this way. And it will take 2 hours to arrive.


b. Get to Yiwu by Train

If you want to stay in Guangzhou for some time, then take the train to Yiwu, you need to take subway Line 2 (from Jiahewanggang to Guangzhou Nan railway station; 6:00-23:00) to arrive at Guangzhou Nan Railway Station (广州南站) first, then take a high-speed train to get to Yiwu. The ticket price has three classes: business class-CNY 2131 ($327), first-class- CNY 1110 ($170), and second class-CNY 674 ($103).

Guangzhounan to Yiwu

But if you want to take the train from Shenzhen to Yiwu, then you need to take high-speed train/intercity rail from Shenzhen to Guangzhou first, then arrive at Yiwu. Because there is no high-speed train from Shenzhen to Yiwu, only fast passenger trains which will take 15 hours to arrive.

high-speed train from Guangzhou to Yiwu

High-speed train from Guangzhou to Yiwu

2. How to get to Yiwu from Shanghai/Hangzhou?

There are following three ways to get to Yiwu from Shanghai/Hangzhou:

a. Get to Yiwu from Shanghai Pudong Airport (by Bus/Private Car)

Shanghai is 300km far away from Yiwu. If your international flight is arriving in Shanghai, you can choose to take the bus to Yiwu as it’s very convenient. Go to the bus station on the second floor of the waiting hall, use your passport buy a ticket (CNY 180, around $27), and you will arrive at Yiwu wholesale market bus station (near District 5), which is called Yiwu International Business & Trade City Passenger Transport Center(义乌商贸城客运中心). It takes about 4.5 hours.

bus from Pudong airport to Yiwu

Buses from Pudong airport to Yiwu

Sometimes there are some private cars (usually Buick MVP or Honda Odyssey) to Yiwu waiting for passengers at the bus station. Because they don’t want to go back to Yiwu without any passengers after driving someone to Pudong Airport from Yiwu. The price is around CNY 800/car ($123).

If you want car-pooling, you can share with someone who is also going to Yiwu at the airport, then you guys can discuss how you share the total fee. This private car cannot be found every time, but you may encounter them by fortune. It’s quite fast and convenient, but don’t forget to bargain with the driver.

Shanghai Pudong AirportShanghai Pudong Airport

b.Get to Yiwu by Train from Shanghai

If you prefer taking the train to Yiwu, you need to take subway Line 2 to arrive at Hongqiao railway station (虹桥火车站 terminal station) first, then buy a high-speed train ticket to Yiwu. The train leaves Shanghai every 5-10 minutes every day from 6:00 to 20:00, and it only takes 1.5 hours to arrive. The ticket price also has three classes: business class-CNY 377 ($58), first-class- CNY 201 ($30), and second class-CNY 123 ($19).


c. Get to Yiwu from Hangzhou Airport or Railway Station

Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang province, which is 100km far away from Yiwu. If your international flight is arriving at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, then you can take the bus to Yiwu. It’s very convenient as the bus station is at the No.14 gate of the airport terminal, and it will take 1.6 hours to arrive at the bus station located in District 5 of Yiwu wholesale market. The bus will depart from the airport every 40 minutes in the daytime, but in the evening, the interval of each bus becomes 1 hour till 21:30. The price is CNY 62 ($9.5).


There are also some private cars to Yiwu waiting for passengers at the bus station (the same as I mentioned above in Shanghai Airport). The price is CNY 350/car ($54). Car-pooling is the same way I mentioned above. Of course, that bargain is necessary.

Another way is taking the train, but you need to take subway Line 1 to arrive at Hangzhou Dong Railway Station (杭州东站) first. This railway station is for high-speed trains, different from Hangzhou Railway Station (杭州火车站). Trains to Yiwu will start off every 10-15 minutes, and totally over 60 trains every day from 6:00 to 22:00. Three different prices: business class-CNY 158 ( $24), first class-CNY 84 ($13), and second class-CNY 50 ($7.7).

Hangzhou Xiaoshan AirportHangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

3. How to go to Hotel/Wholesale Market from Yiwu Airport/Railway Station?

Yiwu Airport is a small dual-use military and civil airport which is around 5.5km far away from the center of Yiwu. The only way to go to Hotel/Market from here is to take a taxi.

Taxi fares start at CNY 8 ($1.23) in 2 km, it is CNY 2.5/km ($ 0.38) within 2-6 km, CNY 3.5/km ($ 0.54)for more than 6 km.

PS: Some taxi drivers waiting in the airport may not run the meter when you get on, because they usually give you a total price directly. So remember to bargain with them.

Yiwu Railway Station is located 9km northwest of the center of Yiwu. You’d better take a taxi to get to the hotel/market as well. The taxi fee is around CNY 30+ ($4.5), but remember to ask the taxi driver to use the meter before getting up.

If you already have friends or suppliers in Yiwu, you can ask them to pick you up, in case the taxi driver rips you off as you are a foreigner.

Yiwu AirportYiwu Railway Station

4. The Public Transportation in Yiwu –Taxi is The Most Convenient

Because Yiwu is a county-level city, there are not many modes of public transport in the city. There is no subway, and the bus ends early, there are very few buses after 6:00 pm, and there are no buses after 7:00 pm near the wholesale markets, even most local people are unfamiliar with the bus routes. So taking a taxi is your best choice to get to the hotel/market. The good news is the taxi fee in Yiwu is really cheap.

Taxi in YiwuBus in Yiwu

5. How to go Back to Shanghai/Hangzhou Airpot from Yiwu?

Two ways are available when leaving to Shanghai/Hangzhou airport when finishing your visit in Yiwu: taxi and bus.

a. By Taxi/Private Car

As I mentioned above that you can take a taxi/private car to Yiwu from Shanghai/Hangzhou airport, there is no doubt that you can take them to return, and the prices are the same as coming here.

You can ask the hotel’s front desk to help you book a taxi one or two days before you leave, or you can ask the drivers waiting outside of the hotel. Another way is to ask for the phone number of the driver who takes you to Yiwu, then contact him one day before you leave, he will give you a discount (reduce CNY 200, around $30).

The price to Hangzhou airport is CNY CNY 350/car ($54). The price to Shanghai airport is around CNY 800/car ($ 123). If you are taking one drive’s car for coming & leaving Yiwu, the total fee is CNY 1400 (around $215).

b. By Bus

Take a taxi to the bus station at District 5 of the Yiwu wholesale market, then buy the ticket to Shanghai Pudong Airport/Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. The price is CNY 180 ($27) to Shanghai, and CNY 62 ($9.5) to Hangzhou as I mentioned before. The bus will leave to Shanghai airport every 2-3 hours from 6:15 to 16:30, and a total of 5 buses every day. Buses to Hangzhou airport are more-every 40-60 minutes from 6:20 to 19:20.

Moreover, if you think it’s too expensive to take a taxi or private car, or it takes too long to take a bus to Shanghai. Then you can take the high-speed train to Shanghai and then transfer to the subway to go anywhere you want, which is convenient and economical.


Yiwu international trade city bus station

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I’m Jing, the founder of Jingsourcing. I grew up in Yiwu and my company is next to the
Yiwu International Trade City. Welcome to visit Yiwu, if you have any queries about Yiwu, leave us comments or contact us.

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