Talking about laundry detergent, we often feel it’s dominated by big names like Tide and Persil, and it‘s tough for small businesses to enter the market. But a few months ago, one of our clients wanted to get into the laundry detergent business because they saw another company doing really well, making millions in sales every month. We checked out that company, Earth Breeze, and were impressed by its product selection and marketing strategies. Today, we’d like to share it with you.

1. Few SKUs, Low Product Costs

You see, the product falls within a very niche market with just two SKUs, making supply chain management straightforward. This means you don’t have to invest heavily in stocking up, and it’s also easier to maintain good product quality.

In China, the factory price for this 30-pack of laundry detergent sheets is around $1.2 (at an exchange rate of 7 RMB), but this product retails for $15. We worked on this project for a client back in April. It’s truly a great product choice.

Laundry detergent eco sheets

2. Differentiated Packaging, Eco-Friendly Approach

This product stands out because it doesn’t use the typical plastic packaging seen in most laundry products. Instead, both the inner and outer packaging are made of paper, which is eco-friendly. Unlike regular bulky laundry detergent, they’ve turned it into easy-to-use paper sheets. It’s not only convenient but also saves space, especially when you’re traveling.

They are ranked No.1 in the laundry detergent category on Amazon, with a product rating of 4.4. We also checked other brands that make laundry detergent sheets, and their ratings are consistently above 4, showing that consumers are very satisfied with the performance and experience of these products.

earthbreeze paper package

3. Smart marketing strategy

They understand that marketing is all about telling compelling stories. Instead of just bragging about how amazing their product is, they’ve taken an eco-friendly approach to marketing.

On their website, Facebook, and Instagram, they share scenes of users using their product, cute animals alongside their product, and initiatives like tree planting, all conveying a sense of harmony between humans and nature, easily evoking empathy. They have 400,000+ followers on social media.

Moreover, they place a strong emphasis on brand marketing. About 95% of their website traffic comes from brand searches. Besides social media, they have run Google and Facebook ads to reinforce their brand.

website search traffic

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