How to Find the Best Suitable iPhone Screen Supplier?

No matter online business or physical stores you operate, a reliable supplier is more significant than your end customers. The reason is that suppliers can guarantee the products’ stability and play an important role in your supply chain.

As you all know that, most small items, such as iPhone screens come from China. In today’s blog, we will discuss how to find suitable Chinese suppliers of iPhone Screen.

1.Where to find suitable iPhone screen suppliers?

I’ll tell you 5 ways to find iPhone screen suppliers.

1)Search on Google

If you want to wholesale iPhone screens from China, you can search “iPhone screen supplier China” on Google directly. If you want to buy products from the USA or Europe, you can add a determiner—supplier USA or supplier Europe.

2)China B2B or some B2C platforms (Alibaba, Made in China, Dhgate, Global sources, Aliexpress, etc)

There are 3 advantages of searching for suppliers on these B2B platforms.

  • Even if you don’t know suppliers well, platforms can provide you with secure protection. Hence, you could make deals at ease on platforms.
  • You can select the right supplier based on the ratings of gold sellers and customer reviews on the platform.
  • You can know the average price by comparing several suppliers.


Customers can know the strengths of Chinese suppliers visually at the fairs, such as Canton Fair and Global sources exhibition in Hongkong.

Undoubtedly, communication face-to-face is the best way to let you identify whether suppliers are professional.

4) Social media

You can find suitable suppliers of iPhone screens on Facebook,Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter. You can contact suppliers quickly, reducing a huge communication cost and saving your time.

Generally, those Chinese suppliers that are willing to update social media intend to run a business in the long term. Hence, they must care about their business fame by controlling products’ quality strictly.

5)Recommendation from friends.

It is good that you have a friend operating the same industry and willing to share their suppliers’ information with you. As the suppliers your friend chooses to cooperate with is the one he considers carefully.

2.What kind of iPhone screen suppliers do the repair shops and local wholesalers choose?

Many of my clients and some startups who run repair shops ask me one question: which kind of suppliers should they choose?

Generally, these importers have the four business modes as follow, 

  • New repair shops
  • Long-established repair shops
  • Repair shops with mobile maintenance service
  • Local wholesalers

1)New repair shops

As a new repair shop, the prime aim is to let the shop run profitably. So you shouldn’t have a large stock. You can choose your local wholesalers and local online retailers, which can provide you with a quick delivery and good after-sales service.

The merit of local wholesalers is that there is a large stock of different models. Besides, if you have any after-sales problems, you can return it and get a new one in time.

But there is one question: the price may be higher. And you will have a lower profit. 

2)Long-established repair shops

A big advantage of long-established repair shops is the customers accumulation.

The iPhone screen is a kind of product easy to damage. Although screen with good quality can be used for a relatively longer time, it is still a kind of easily consumable products.

Therefore, the owners can estimate the needed inventory for some time according to the repair statistics every month. Then you can repair products without waiting.

If you have many customers, you can have a stock. You can choose to import screens from China. After all, the price of screens bought from the manufacturers will be lower than the products from local wholesalers.

Of course, some owners of repair shops think the price is almost the same. But the price difference will be a large amount of money after a long time.

3)Repair shops with mobile maintenance service

Many shops will provide one kind of repairing service mode called “come to you” to clients. In such mode, they will let customers place orders online, and provide on-site maintenance service in the appointed place. As it can reduce customers’ time spent on the way, this mode is popular with many people.

Usually, there are two kinds of repair shops choosing such modes,

  • Brick and mortar stores
  • Stores only providing mobile maintenance service

Therefore, the choice for brick-and-mortar stores can be the same as the long-established repair shops. And the suitable choice for stores only providing mobile maintenance service can be the same as new repair shops.

4)Local wholesalers

As a local wholesaler, advantageous in location, you can provide instant product delivery to your clients. Because you just make a profit by selling goods to your customers at a wholesale price, it’s the best choice for you to wholesale iPhone screens from China to get the lowest price. Only in this way can you gain a big profit margin.

3.How to identity professional and reliable suppliers of iPhone screen?

There are hundreds of thousands of suppliers in China. How to identify a reliable supplier for a long-term cooperation?     

Generally, suppliers who meet the following four aspects can be considered professional and suitable.

1)Reasonable price

The price of the iPhone screen is relatively transparent. And products with a reasonable price and a better quality can let you operate maintenance business smoothly rather than regarding the price as the only aspect you consider when you choose suppliers.

2)Degree of familiarity with iPhone screens

It has been over 10 years since iPhone screen products appear. With the constant development and updates of the products, there are a variety of products at different quality levels. There is a phenomenon that every supplier gives the iPhone screen a name, which causes consumers’ confusion.

For instance, if you buy screens with a grade Incell in the store, and grade AAA in another store, how to identify products’ quality grades?

The simplest way is that you can tell suppliers product effect you need. For example, you can tell them that you want such effects: I can see a high-brightness screen rather than a black screen when I wear polarized glasses. Only when you provide suppliers with enough information, will you get a more accurate feedback.

However, it doesn’t matter that you don’t know what product effect you need. You can let suppliers describe the products’ quality and similar screen products’ similarities and differences, then you can choose the best suitable one.

3)Keeping up with times

Usually you have a viewpoint: suppliers with 10 years of experience is definitely better and more powerful than the ones with 5 years of experience. However, it is not absolutely right in some suppliers of small items.

The most significant factor is to keep up with times rather than stick to the convention for more than 10 years.

When you choose a suitable supplier, the aim is not just the deal itself, and what you really want is to obtain additional support from them.

For example, suppose you are running a new online repair shop, perhaps what you really need is whether the suppliers can provide smaller MOQ to support your business.

4)Secure delivery methods

When you choose the shipping method of iPhone screens, DHL may be your first choice. Usually, it is no problem for most clients receiving goods.

However, there may be some unexpected things.So you can inquire suppliers if they have other kinds of shipping method,such as the from-door-to-door shipping method? 


Are there any other questions you want to ask me about choosing Chinese iPhone screen suppliers? Or if you are also a newer for iPhone screen business, warmly welcome to leave your comments below or contact us directly.

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