Many e-commerce sellers, especially startups and small ones, choose to use third-party warehousing and fulfillment service providers. This way, sellers can focus more on what’s important — store operations, marketing, and business growth.

There are many fulfillment services companies on Google. And in this post, we’ve managed to invite some of them to introduce their core services and strengths in e-commerce order fulfillment. Here are their self-introductions from a first-person perspective.

Please note the list is in no particular order and we assume no liabilities for the services of the mentioned fulfillment companies. The content is for reference only. It’s always essential to make informed decisions based on your specific needs and after careful evaluations of service quality.


ShipBob logo

ShipBob, founded in 2014, is a comprehensive fulfillment services provider based in Chicago. With over 40 fulfillment centers across the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, and Australia, we are committed to offering small and mid-size businesses order fulfillment services, from warehousing, packing, and shipping, to tracking in real time, returns, etc.

Our software seamlessly integrates with many major platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, TikTok, NetSuite, WooCommerce, eBay, Walmart, and others. This integration automates e-commerce order fulfillment and inventory management.

Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment logo

The founders of Red Stag Fulfillment are 2 entrepreneurs with e-retail business experience. We are committed to providing third-party order fulfillment, warehousing, and value-added services. In general, we have been able to reach 96% of the U.S. within 2 days with ground shipping.

We guarantee 100% accuracy. If Red Stag Fulfillment mis-picks, mis-packs, or mis-ships an order, we will correct the mistake and pay $50.


WarehousingAndFulfillment logo

WarehousingAndFulfillment connects e-commerce sellers and other organizations to warehousing and fulfillment companies. Operating with an extensive network of hundreds of fulfillment companies spanning Canada, the US, and the UK, we offer free, multiple quotes, allowing you to compare and select the most suitable fulfillment company. We charge fees to warehousing and fulfillment companies, while you, as a user, do not need to pay any fees.

Simpl Fulfillment

Simpl Fulfillment logo

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Simpl Fulfillment automates eCommerce fulfillment using cloud-based software for tasks such as product inventory management, order picking, packing, labeling, delivery, and returns management. Customized packaging and quality control services are available as well.

We have integrations with over 100 marketplaces, including Shopify, Etsy, Walmart, WooCommerce, Amazon, and more, able to help you fulfill orders on these platforms.

James & James Fulfilment

James & James Fulfilment logo

James & James Fulfilment specializes in eCommerce product fulfillment, from storing, picking, and packing, sending packages to consumers, to handling any returns. Our product fulfillment service works for D2C eCommerce retailers, especially those with 1,000+ orders per month.

We have fulfillment centers in the UK, US, and EU. All of our fulfillment centers run on ControlPort. This Queens-award winning software is designed by themselves, combining order management functionality with inventory management tools.

Dependable Supply Chain Services

Dependable Supply Chain Services logo

Established in 1950, Dependable Supply Chain Services has been actively engaged in distribution, warehousing, consolidation, and transportation for over 75 years. This family-operated company is headquartered in Los Angeles and offers 3PL logistics plus supply chain consulting services.

Moreover, we provide less-than-truckload and full truckload transportation, port towing, and intermodal transport, as well as round-trip sea and air freight services between Hawaii and Guam, etc.

Weber Logistics

Weber Logistics logo

Weber Logistics is an American West Coast 3PL that provides warehousing, delivery, and port services. We can help pick up goods from the ports of LA, Long Beach, Oakland, and San Diego, ensuring a swift transition from the port to the final distribution point. With over 4.6 million square feet of warehouse space and automated packaging/transport infrastructure, we operate our own truck fleet for last-mile retail deliveries throughout the Western US.



SHIPHYPE is a third-party logistics company that provides comprehensive eCommerce order fulfillment services. We have direct integrations with Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Walmart, Magento, Etsy, eBay, etc. So far, we have built warehouses in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) and the USA (Los Angeles and New Jersey).

Storage options include bin, shelf, and pallet storage. Our Warehouse Management System software is ShipHero. Additionally, our storage fees stay the same year-round.

PGS Logistics

PGS logo

PGS Logistics boasts an extensive logistics network with 40+ branches, including locations in China such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, as well as in various countries like the UK, Germany, Vietnam, India, etc. Currently, we have over 2000 overseas agents.

We have a professional team, PGS CBEL, committed to meeting global cross-border e-commerce fulfillment needs. With a self-operated overseas warehouse spanning 350,000+ square meters, we provide tailored logistics services covering FBA transfers, dropshipping, warehouse returns and relabeling, customs clearance, etc. Our order management and cargo tracking systems are updated in real time.


Ecommops logo

Located in Shenzhen, EcommOps offers a streamlined fulfillment solution that capitalizes on China’s rapid shipping capabilities. Our China inventory warehousing model minimizes factory-to-warehouse lead times. We integrate warehousing into your fulfillment strategy, providing traditional services such as shipment receiving, picking and packing, customizable and branded packaging, replenishment management, and even factory relationship management.

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