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You don’t need to worry about finding the work gloves suppliers even if your initial purchasing quantity can’t reach the MOQ. We can help you find the right supplier with a low MOQ, because Jingsourcing in Yiwu, Zhejiang has a long-term cooperation relationship with many work gloves factories.
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Jingsourcing has quality inspection service and we can help you check the quality of all gloves including the samples in our warehouse, and timely negotiate with the work glove factory to deal with the quality problems, and make sure all your work gloves are of good quality before leaving China.
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No matter what shipping methods you choose, we can offer shipping consulting service to help you know the shipping information, such as the certification required for customs clearance. And we will help you get low shipping cost while arranging shipment from China all the way to your address.
Work Gloves

Anti-oil Water Proof Work Nylon Garden Safety Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a01
Price: $2.3 /pair as low
MOQ: 300 pairs


anticut glove Nitrile Coated Safety Work Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a02
Price: $7.39 /pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs


Foam Padded Palm Touch Screen Anti Vibration 

Item ID: 9a29a03
Price: $6.53 /pair as low
MOQ: 200 pairs


Non-slip Safety Working Hand Gloves For Construction

Item ID: 9a29a04
Price: $1.0 /pair as low
MOQ: 700 pairs


China Cheap 13 Gauge Anti Cut Liner Level 5 Cut Resistant Anti-Cut PU Work Safety Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a05
Price: $1.2 /pair as low
MOQ: 1000 pairs


Hot sale CE standard polyester good grip nitrile coated hand gloves with our logo

Item ID: 9a29a06
Price: $0.25 /pair as low
MOQ: 2500 pairs

Work Gloves

Brushed Stainless Steel Mesh Cut Resistant Chain Safety Gloves Kitchen Butcher

Item ID: 9a29a07
Price: $31.99 /pair as low
MOQ: 50 pairs


Custom Accept White ESD Anti-skid Anti-static PU Multi Work Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a08
Price: $0.28 /pair as low
MOQ: 2000 pairs

Leather Gloves

High quality leather fashion factory gloves for men warm winter gloves

Item ID: 9a29a09
Price: $2.3 /pair as low
MOQ: 300 pairs


PU Leather Winter Running Cycling Gloves Outdoor Thermal Gym Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a10
Price: $6.0 /pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs


Wholesale Thinsalate Touch Screen Fleece Winter Thermal Leather Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a11
Price: $9.3 /pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs


High Quality Genuine Leather Sheepskin Mittens Warm Winter Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a12
Price: $2.45 /pair as low
MOQ: 250 pairs

Leather Gloves

Winter warm PU Leather Touch Screen Gloves Men Outdoor Riding Windproof Gift Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a13
Price: $1.2 /pair as low
MOQ: 500 pairs

Leather Gloves

Waterproof thickening Men’s leather gloves winter warm touch screen gloves

Item ID: 9a29a14
Price: $3.06 /pair as low
MOQ: 200 pairs


Fashion Women Winter Warm Thickened Velvet Driving Leather Touch Screen Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a15
Price: $2.19 /pair as low
MOQ: 250 pairs


women embroidery black sheepskin Leather Gloves for daily life Touch Screen Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a16
Price: $8.5 /pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs

Gym Gloves
Gym Gloves

Custom Workout Wrist Support Weight Lifting Gym Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a17
Price: $6.2 /pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs


Fitness Women Weightlifting Half Finger Gym Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a18
Price: $6.0 /pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs


Super Lycra and Gym Fitness gloves for men and women

Item ID: 9a29a19
Price: $4.4 /pair as low
MOQ: 150 pairs


Eco-Friendly Weight Lifting Gym Gloves with Custom Logo

Item ID: 9a29a20
Price: $4.73 /pair as low
MOQ: 150 pairs


Comfortable Nylon fingerless Weight Lifting Gloves Fitness Gym Training Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a21
Price: $2.17 /pair as low
MOQ: 250 pairs


Half finger weight lifting adjustable durable gym training gloves with customized logo

Item ID: 9a29a22
Price: $4.65 /pair as low
MOQ: 200 pairs


Wholesale Fingerless Men Women Fitness Workout Gym Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a23
Price: $9 /pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs


Breathable Anti-skid Half Finger Yoga Exercise Weightlifting Training Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a24
Price: $2.37 /pair as low
MOQ: 250 pairs

Motorcycle Gloves

Men Motocross Gloves Moto Gloves With Rubber Protectors

Item ID: 9a29a25
Price: $10.2/pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs


Cycling Gloves Motorcycle Mountain Bike Gloves Protective 

Item ID: 9a29a26
Price: $2.31 /pair as low
MOQ: 200 pairs


Custom Synthetic Leather Motocross Motorcycle Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a27
Price: $4.8 /pair as low
MOQ: 200 pairs


Comfortable Black Cycling Gloves Motorcycle Bike Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a28
Price: $1.73 /pair as low
MOQ: 300 pairs


Windproof Heated Full Finger Warm Motorcycle Bike Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a29
Price: $4.2 /pair as low
MOQ: 250 pairs


Safety Full Fingers Black Mans Wolf Pattern Motorcycle Glove

Item ID: 9a29a30
Price: $2.69 /pair as low
MOQ: 200 pairs

Motorcycle Gloves

Dirtpaw Unisex Road Racing Motorcycle Sports Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a31
Price: $14.99 /pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs


Long Finger Sports Motorcycle Bicycle Cycling Gloves for Men

Item ID: 9a29a32
Price: $6.32 /pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs

Winter Gloves
Winter Gloves

Wool Women’s Winter Outdoor Warm Cashmere Full Fingers Wrist Glove

Item ID: 9a29a33
Price: $2.8/pair as low
MOQ: 200 pairs


Wholesale unisex fleece sport winter warm touch screen gloves

Item ID: 9a29a34
Price: $2.31 /pair as low
MOQ: 300 pairs


fingerless Mitten Ladies Faux Woolen Crochet Knitted Wrist Warmer Winter Glove

Item ID: 9a29a35
Price: $2.68 /pair as low
MOQ: 200 pairs


Fashion Ladies Winter Touch Screen Gloves Warm Deer Knit Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a36
Price: $1.4 /pair as low
MOQ: 500 pairs


Winter Touchscreen Gloves Men Women Running Driving Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a37
Price: $2.99 /pair as low
MOQ: 200 pairs


fashion Women Suede Cute Bow Full Finger Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a38
Price: $1.85 /pair as low
MOQ: 300 pairs


Winter Black Warm Knitted Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a39
Price: $6.0 /pair as low
MOQ: 100 pairs


China Manufacturer Polyester Soft Warm Winter Fur Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a40
Price: $2.25 /pair as low
MOQ: 300 pairs

Latex Gloves

Plain Hot Selling work latex glove work kitchen rubber glove

Item ID: 9a29a41
Price: $0.25 /pair as low
MOQ: 2000 pairs


High Quality Japan glove comfoatable latex working gloves

Item ID: 9a29a42
Price: $0.22 /pair as low
MOQ: 2000 pairs


30cm Industrial Neoprene Latex Working Latex rubber Gloves for safety

Item ID: 9a29a43
Price: $1.8 /pair as low
MOQ: 2000 pairs


Dishwashing Household Cleaning Kitchen Rubber Latex Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a44
Price: $1.7 /pair as low
MOQ: 300 pairs


Sponge Scouring Pad Latex Gloves for Dish Washing

Item ID: 9a29a45
Price: $1.42 /pair as low
MOQ: 500 pairs


polyester liner latex wrinkle foam kids latex gloves

Item ID: 9a29a46
Price: $1.05 /pair as low
MOQ: 500 pairs


Non-Slip Magic Latex Silicone Scrubbing Dishwashing Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a47
Price: $1.73 /pair as low
MOQ: 200 pairs

Latex Gloves

Hospital Medical Surgical Non Sterile Disposable Latex Gloves

Item ID: 9a29a48
Price: $0.1 /pair as low
MOQ: 5000 pairs

If you need other type of gloves, tell us more details of the gloves you are looking for. Your personal agent will find the manufacturer in China and send you quotation shortly (Amazon, Ebay links will be good).

Knowledge Of Choosing Gloves

The common materials for work gloves include latex, PVC, cow leather, cotton yarn, and HPPE.

  • Latex gloves can be divided into disposable and non-disposable styles, disposable latex gloves are often used for dustfree environment or food processing inspection, while non-disposable latex gloves are usually made together with cotton material for durability and breathability.
  • The PVC material has the effect of anti-chemical, and it is helpful for protecting the hands from chemicals.
  • Cow leather work gloves with wear-resistant advantage are more widely used in automobile repair or electric welding.
  • Work gloves made of cotton yarn are breathable and comfortable, and they are mostly used by workers on construction sites.
  • The HPPE material is usually used to make anti-cutting gloves, which can resist the cutting of cutting tools, and the higher the protection level of work gloves, the stronger the ability to prevent hands from cutting.

Gloves like disposable latex work gloves usually come in one size, as they are suitable for the hands of most people. While many other work gloves have different sizes according to the size of the palm.

There are the following common sizes in China market: XS (≤7cm), S (7-8cm), M (8-9cm), L (9-10cm), XL (10-11cm) and XXL (≥11cm).

Kindly Note: The size rule may differ in some type of work gloves. For example, some XS size of gloves is 8cm. You’d better confirm with your supplier.

Custom Color: the MOQ for color customization of latex or PVC work gloves is around 10000 pairs. If you want to customize the color of cow leather and cotton yarn work gloves, the MOQ is about 6000 pairs. And the color customization MOQ of HPPE work gloves is nearly 1200 pairs.

Custom Logo on Latex Gloves: if you want to print a logo on latex gloves, the MOQ is about 3000 pairs. When you purchase 1000-3000 (less 3000) pairs of work gloves, the work gloves supplier will charge you about $0.018 per pair for the printing fee.

Custom Logo on cow leather Gloves: the MOQ of cow leather work gloves is 500 pairs or so. While you need to pay a printing fee of nearly $0.32 per pair and the copper mold fee of about $59.7 if you want to add the logo on the cow leather gloves.

Custom Logo on HPPE Gloves: the MOQ for logo customization of HPPE work gloves is around 500 pairs. Besides, you have to pay about $18.4 version fee and a printing fee of about $0.034 per pair.

Custom Logo on Cotton Gloves: the MOQ of cotton gloves is around 6000 pairs, and the logo printing fee is about $0.03 per pair.

Whether you buying work gloves in bulk online or offline, get to know the distribution of work glove suppliers in China,

The safety gloves of latex, cotton yarn, and cow leather materials are produced in Linyi, Shandong.
The HPPE work gloves factories gather in Yiwu, Zhejiang and Changzhou, Jiangsu.

If you want to wholesale work gloves online, Chinese wholesale websites such as Alibaba, DHgate are the good choices for you. Or you can find the China sourcing agent company to help you find the right safety gloves suppliers.

The Process Of Purchasing
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Step 1

   Fill out the contact form. An agent will reach out to you, and send you quotation from the best manufacturer. It’s free.

Step 2

   Get product sample from us to check quality. We also help you customize product sample with your design or packaging. Sample cost just starts from $20.

Step 3

   Confirm all details before production. Then we help you follow up production, make sure products are made according to your requirements. You only pay service fee 5% as low.

Step 4

   Once the production is finished. We help you inspect quality for free, and send you inspection report. Then help you arrange shipment all the way to your address in your country.