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As a leading sourcing company based in China, we helped hundreds of people find Soap Dishes in bulk directly from manufacturers, and gained the best soap dish manufacturers resources in China.

You don’t need to have any experience about importing, because a professional agent guides you step by step, until you receive all products in your country.

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Multiple Soap Dishes We Sourced for Our Clients

Plastic Soap Dish

soap dish-9c018b02

Convenient Plastic Soap Dish With Cover

Item ID: 9b25a02
Price: $0.45/pcs as low
MOQ: 200pcs

soap dish-9c018b03

Plastic Soap Dish With Tray Drain Rack

Item ID: 9b25a03
Price: $0.36/pcs as low
MOQ: 200pcs

soap dish-9c018b05

Different Color Ladybug Plastic Soap Dish

Item ID: 9b25a04
Price: $0.21/pcs as low
MOQ: 1000pcs

soap dish-9c018b08

Cartoon Bathtub Shaped Plastic Soap Dish

Item ID: 9b25a06
Price: $3.1/pcs as low
MOQ: 200pcs

Wood Soap Dish

soap dish-9c018b09

Wooden Soap Display, Square Wooden Soap Dish

Item ID: 9b25a08
Price: $2.35/pcs as low
MOQ: 200pcs

soap dish-9c018b10

Cheap Natural Wooden Soap Dish For Sale

Item ID: 9b25a09
Price: $0.95/pcs as low
MOQ: 100pcs

soap dish-9c018b11

Eco-Friendly Natural Wooden Soap Dish Holder Racks

Item ID: 9b25a11
Price: $1.9/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs

soap dish-9c018b13

Wooden Bamboo Soap Dish Holder With Stainless Insert

Item ID: 9b25a12
Price: $1.0/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs

Stainless Steel Soap Dish

soap dish-9c018b14

Wall Mount Stainless Steel Soap Dish

Item ID: 9b25a14
Price: $4.0/pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs

soap dish-9c018b15

Cast Iron Soap Dish European Design Antique Metal

Item ID: 9b25a16
Price: $3.0/pcs as low
MOQ: 300pcs

soap dish-9c018b16

Retro Style Bathroom Accessories Metal Basket Soap Dishes

Item ID: 9b25a17
Price: $4.2/pcs as low
MOQ: 300pcs

soap dish-9c018b31

Metal Chrome Plating Zinc Alloy Bathroom Soap Dish

Item ID: 9b25a18
Price: $4.5/pcs as low
MOQ: 300pcs

Silicone Soap Dish

soap dish-9c018b17

Cute Silicone Soap Holder Whale Shape Soap Dish

Item ID: 9b25a19
Price: $0.18/pcs as low
MOQ: 300pcs

soap dish-9c018b19

Silicone Ruber Soap Dish Wall Holder  

Item ID: 9b25a21
Price: $0.35/pcs as low
MOQ: 200pcs

soap dish-9c018b20

Travel Bathroom Pretty Neat Bathtub Soap Dish

Item ID: 9b25a23
Price: $0.5/pcs as low
MOQ: 300pcs

soap dish-9c018b18

Fish Bone Shape Silicone Soap Dish 

Item ID: 9b25a20
Price: $0.3/pcs as low
MOQ: 200pcs

If you are not interested in these soap dish or need to customize your own one, tell us more details of the products you are looking for. 

Your personal agent will find the manufacturer in China and send you quotation shortly (Amazon, Ebay links will be good).

Knowledge of Wholesale Soap Dishes

The soap dish can be made of silicone, wood, plastic or stainless steel.

  • The silicone soap dish has good elasticity, which is not easy to be damaged even when dropped.
  • The wood soap dish is hard, and it looks nice with natural texture.
  • Plastic material has strong plasticity. The plastic soap dish is usually available in a variety of colors.
  • The stainless steel soap dish is easy to clean, and it is stable and durable for daily use.