Toothbrush bristles come into direct contact with the surface of the teeth. Whether you are buying them for personal use or planning to customize different toothbrushes for a reselling business, you need to know 9 most common bristle materials:

After reading, you can find the ideal bristle material type, based on your target consumer group’s preferences and project budget.

Nylon bristles

Nylon is a common material for toothbrush bristles. Nylon bristles have a softer touch, less likely to harm the gums and tooth enamel. They exhibit good resilience and are highly environmentally friendly. Additionally, due to their durability, strong cleaning power, and water-resistant properties, nylon bristles have become the preferred material for toothbrushes.

The US DuPont nylon has better resilience, higher safety, and environmental friendliness. DuPont-nylon bristles are common for high-end toothbrushes, including both manual and electric ones. Compared to regular bristle materials, the production cost and raw material procurement cost of DuPont nylon bristles are also higher.

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Nylon 612 (PA612) vs Nylon 610 (PA610)

Both types of nylon are very common. PA610 bristles are harder and more durable, offering higher resistance to wear. Additionally, PA610 bristles have better heat stability and chemical resistance, making them less susceptible to the effects of heat and chemicals.

On the other hand, PA612 bristles are softer, more suitable for cleaning sensitive teeth and gums. They also exhibit better elasticity and abrasion resistance, allowing for more effective cleaning of tooth gaps and tooth surfaces.

PBT bristles

Compared to nylon bristles, PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) bristles have a slightly harder feel. And they are less prone to bending, more durable, and long-lasting. N6 and N66 are common 2 PBT bristles for both manual and electric toothbrushes.

Besides that, PBT bristles undergo chemical corrosion can create tapered bristles, which results in a higher production cost but typically yields softer bristles. Merchants commonly promote this as a soft-bristled toothbrush. This bristle type is suitable for use by children, pregnant women, and individuals with sensitive gums.

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PP bristles

PP (polypropylene) material has a low density, low water absorption, and excellent mechanical properties. Most importantly, it is cheap so that suitable for inexpensive disposable toothbrushes provided in hotels for travelers. However, these toothbrushes are typically designed for single or limited use and may deform easily with poor elasticity.

Note that some small manufacturers use recycled and reclaimed materials made from waste plastics. While these products are cheaper, the bristle quality is compromised, and they may not meet safety requirements.

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PET bristles

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bristles are a composite material with a price range between PP and nylon. They are similar to nylon but have poorer elasticity, and the bristles may bend after about a week of use.

Generally, both PP bristles and PET bristles are not the top choices for electric toothbrushes, primarily due to the relatively higher cost of replacing electric toothbrush heads.

Boar (Pig) bristle toothbrush

Boar bristles, one of the common types in current toothbrush markets, are made from the hair of wild pigs. According to NLM (National Library of Medicine), nylon toothbrushes are often more effective at removing plaque compared to natural bristle toothbrushes. This is because nylon bristles are stiffer, providing better cleaning action for improved oral hygiene.

Natural boar bristles are known for their gentle cleaning and toothpaste adsorption capabilities, suitable for certain individuals with specific oral health needs. However, they also have some drawbacks, such as being more water-absorbent and drying slowly. Therefore, the right way to store toothbrushes with natural boar bristles is in a dry place.

Boar bristle toothbrush

Four methods to tell the quality of boar bristle brushes on the market.

Visually observe

Boar bristles are a natural material and even after degreasing treatment, they still have a certain degree of gloss on the surface due to the nourishment of animal oils over the years. The color of the bristles should also be relatively uniform. Similar to human hair, the ends of boar bristles may have split ends, but don’t mistake a qualified boar bristle brush just because of the split ends.

Touch and feel

Qualified boar bristle brushes have good toughness and resilience. When touched, they should feel smooth and soft without a prickly sensation.

Wet bristles

When boar bristles are wet, they become softer and feel moist, but the surface should not show excessive moisture. If hot water is used to wet the bristles, there might be a faint odor, but it should not be irritating to the body and should not cause color bleeding that contaminates water.

Burn bristles

Boar bristles are composed of protein without any fibers. When burned, they will produce a burnt smell and turn into ash. In contrast, fake boar bristles will produce a plastic smell when burned, and the resulting residue will be in small, fragmentary pieces.

Bamboo toothbrush bristles material

Bamboo fiber bristles are biodegradable, meeting the current demands for green, eco-friendly, and low-carbon products. They are highly resilient and abrasion-resistant, with unique elasticity and a soft, smooth texture. The cross-section of bamboo bristles is filled with numerous small and large elliptical pores, enabling them to instantly absorb and evaporate significant amounts of moisture.

Bamboo toothbrush bristles

Carbon fiber bristles

The carbon fiber bristles come from synthetic carbon-based materials known for their lightweight and high-strength properties. Note that carbon fibers do not possess absorbent properties like bamboo.

Bamboo carbon fiber bristles are popular on the market.

Bamboo carbon is a result coming trough high-temperature carbonization of bamboo. It has a strong adsorption capacity and can be used for various purposes, such as purifying air, eliminating odors, absorbing moisture, and preventing mold.

This toothbrush bristle is ultra-fine soft and has strong adsorption, excellent antibacterial properties, and moisture resistance. And the coverage of bamboo carbon C active ions can release negative oxygen ions and infrared rays, effectively adsorbing dental plaque on the tooth surface and promoting healthier and whiter teeth. This newly-developed material applies well to both daily manual and electronic toothbrushes.

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Silicone bristles

Silicone bristles are known for their flexibility and smoothness, which can effectively reduce irritation to the gums when brushing. They are suitable for promoting the healthy development of a baby’s teeth. Additionally, silicone is commonly used in the production of electric toothbrush heads due to its comfort and ease of cleaning.

Silicone bristles

Decomposable PLA environmental bristles

Among various bristle materials, PLA (polylactic acid) is the major representative biodegradable material. PLA is synthesized from raw materials such as corn starch. It can completely decompose into water and carbon dioxide in the natural environment.

PLA widely applies to everyday brush products. For example, toothbrush and makeup brush manufacturers use it for production, aligning with the call for environmental protection. Biodegradable PLA bristles are safe and non-toxic, suitable for pregnant women and kids.

PLA environmental bristles

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