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Gardening Tools

Essential tools include shovels, saws, buckets, blades, yard carts, etc. And nowadays, electrical equipment would be more efficient for gardeners.


Fake Plants & Flowers

We’re in Yiwu, one of the artificial plants & flower clusters in China. The main materials are silk, velvet fabric, foam, plastic, etc.


Plant Pots

We help you customize plant and flowerpots in different materials like ceramic, metal, wooden, plastic, cloth, and paper.


Growing Supplies

Growing supplies help indoor plants grow faster. They are designed with controllable lights so the plants can always be in the best environment.


Garden Wear

Common clothing and footwear in the garden include cut-resistant gloves, boots, hooded shirts, etc. These products are made of waterproof, durable materials.


Garden Accessories

Garden accessories are items to decorate, organize and protect your garden. We offer products like simulated birds, anti-insect nets, wooden pot shelves, etc.

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