A night of peaceful sleep is no myth if you know how to pick the right pillow materials. The list above includes ten pillow stuffing materials and ten pillow cover materials, along with their benefits and drawbacks.

There are different types of pillows. Some of them are breathable, while others are soft and gentle. But all of them have something interesting that serves a different purpose.

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List of Pillow Stuffing Materials

Here’s the list of 10 prominent stuffing materials commonly found in most households.

1. Wool Pillow Stuffing Material

Wool Pillow Stuffing

Easily available in the economical pricing range, the wool pillow stuffing provides a high comfort level in cold winters and hot summers.

Moreover, for sleepers living in colder parts of the world, wool pillow stuffing even offers improved insulation, and they are breathable in all four seasons. A few more facts about such stuffing is that they are flame-retardant and comes with dust mite repellent features.

2. Cotton Pillow Stuffing Material

Cotton Pillow Stuffing

If you’re looking for cotton stuffing material, you are choosing a highly breathable and comfortable filling for your pillow.

With the soft touch, cotton stuffing is organically hypoallergenic. That means it won’t trigger your allergies, and you can have a relaxing good night’s sleep. Besides, it comes at a fewer price along with more durability.

3. Latex Pillow Stuffing Material

Latex Pillow Stuffing

Latex pillow stuffing is quite popular, but it’s expensive. Organic latex materials are commonly found in shredded or block forms, allowing you to adjust the pillow as per your need. Also, it makes your pillow softer and snuggly to get a comfortable sleep.

4. Buckwheat Pillow Stuffing Material

Buckwheat Pillow Stuffing

Buckwheat pillow fillings have been grown in demand over the past few decades. They are made of hull shells, and each pillow includes around 10 to 12 pounds of buckwheat hulls to fill a single pillow. Buckwheat pillow stuffing is known for being an excellent temperature regulator. That is why it’s the first choice among sleepers with sweating issues.

5. Kapok Pillow Stuffing Material

Kapok Pillow Stuffing

Although the Kapok pillow stuffing material isn’t cotton silk, it does give a similar silky and gentle feel beneath the head. The filling comes from organic tropical trees, allowing you to sleep without triggering your allergies. Plus, it makes your pillow plushy and soft to ensure better sleep. Besides, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

6. Polyester Fiber Pillow Stuffing Material

Polyester Fiber Pillow Stuffing

Polyester fiber stuffing is a more affordable option than the rest of the fillings. It serves sleepers that adore down stuffing but don’t recommend bird feathers instead, making this material vegan-friendly. Additionally, you can wash the polyester fiber filling with ease.

7. Memory Foam Pillow Stuffing Material

Memory Foam Pillow Stuffing

Made out of polyurethane, memory foam is widely used as a pillow stuffing. The material can be found in two forms – shredded or block. However, it is seen that the shredded version is easy to adjust, provides more contouring, and feels more plushy and comfortable.

8. Down Pillow Stuffing Material

Down Pillow Stuffing

If you’re looking for some of the fluffiest pillow fillings, then down pillow stuffing is what you would enjoy under your head. Since they aren’t just feathers, you might find this material expensive to buy. But once it suits you, there’s no way back. Moreover, the down pillow is more breathable and moldable.

9. Feather Pillow Stuffing Material

Feather Pillow Stuffing

Those who can’t afford down stuffing can surely look for the feather pillow stuffing material as an alternative. The filling is very common in the market and available at an affordable price.

10. Contour Pillow Stuffing Material

Contour Pillow Stuffing Material

Contour pillow stuffing is designed to support the head’s anatomy. It is made with a combination of memory foam, buckwheat, and water. Although such stuffing is a new kid in the block, its gigantic demand has lowered the pricing.

List of Pillow Cover Materials