When importing electrical products, many people are confused about the CE mark and FCC certification. Today’s post will give details on these two compliances and their applications.

What is the FCC certification?

FCC certification is mandatory in the United States. It primarily evaluates the safety of wireless and wired communication products. Once a product obtains FCC certification, it must display the FCC certification mark to indicate that it meets FCC requirements.

The purpose of FCC certification is to ensure that electronic devices don’t interfere with other electronic devices or telecommunication networks, and comply with American radio frequency emission levels and safety standards, thus safeguarding public safety and interests.

There are two types of FCC certifications: FCC ID and FCC SDoC. The former is for wireless products, while the latter is for general products without wireless functions. So the requirements for each type are different. You must be clear about what type of certification your products need and then complete the certification process, in case of money and time in vain.

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What is CE marking?

The CE mark is a mandatory symbol that must be affixed to products when they are sold in EU markets. It signifies that the product has been certified in accordance with European product regulations and standards, ensuring that it meets requirements for safety, health, and environmental protection.

There are multiple directives under the CE certification. When a product is covered by multiple directives, it can only be labeled with the CE mark if it complies with all relevant directives. For example, energy-saving light bulbs must comply with both the Low Voltage Directive and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive in order to be labeled with the CE mark.

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Differences between FCC and CE

Applied regions

FCC certification is only applied in the United States. It is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an official apartment of the United States federal government. It is an independent agency that oversees interstate and international communications over radio, wire, television, satellite, and cable in about 50 states, territories of the USA, and the District of Columbia.

The CE mark is authorized by EU laws and is only applicable to the European Union region. Products must have a CE marking to freely circulate within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Applicable products

FCC certification is applied to various electronic products sold within the United States, including wireless routers, televisions, computers, digital cameras, digital recorders, electronic game consoles, etc.

On the other hand, CE certification applies to almost all products sold in the European Union, such as electrical products, everyday consumer goods, toys, and so on.

Compliance standards

FCC certification and CE certification have different standards for different products. The standards for the same product under these two certifications are also different. For example, if you want to import a drone, the transmitter power is one of the required testing items.

  • If you are importing to the United States, according to the FCC standards, the radiation range of the transmitter can not exceed 1000 milliwatts.
  • If you are importing to the European Union, then the CE standard sets the transmitter limit to only 100 milliwatts.

Therefore, the transmitter power under the US standard is higher than that under the CE standard, and the maximum effective signal distance is also longer. For specific certification requirements, you can consult your agent.

In addition, FCC requires extensive testing and analysis to ensure that drones meet the required safety standards. CE certification has fewer tests and is more focused on the overall safety and environmental impact of the drone.

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