It is very important to do an e-commerce photo shoot. Many importers who source products from China often encounter this question: should I conduct e-commerce product photography in China or my own country?

China, undoubtedly. Read the following post and you will understand why I have come to this conclusion.

Product Photography Challenges Faced by E-commerce Sellers

For e-commerce businessmen, in addition to the cost of purchasing products, there is also the expense of product photography. Many consider seeking design studios or freelance photographers within their own countries, but in developed nations like Europe and the United States, the labor costs are relatively high. You may end up spending thousands of dollars on product wholesale and hundreds more on photography services.

As a result, many opt to have this work done in China, especially when sourcing products from there. Not only is the cost lower, but the time is also shorter. You can swiftly complete the photography during the product sampling stage, saving the time and expenses associated with shipping samples back to your home country.

However, this poses a headache as you need to spend lots of time and effort to communicate with the photographers. On websites like Fiverr and Upwork, you’ll find many freelance photographers working in China. Despite their impressive portfolios, the first version often differs far from what you expect. The worst part is that even after multiple revisions, the final result may still not meet your expectations.

JingSourcing: Your Affordable Product Photography Partner

JingSourcing is a leading sourcing company based in Yiwu, China. We have helped more than 4,000+ importers source products from China. Product design and photography is an integral part of our supply chain offerings.

Catering primarily to clients engaged in e-commerce, including those on Shopify and Amazon, we are well-versed in various shooting specifications and provide commonly adopted product photography types in the market.

Type 1. Individual product photography

Individual shots refer to photographs featuring a single product in the frame. This type is usually captured against a white or solid-colored backdrop, making the product stand out.

On e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, you will find many product images taken against a white background. For instance, in the case of the water bottle below, against the white backdrop, you can observe the gradient color of the bottle’s body.

Many startups who want to do Amazon product photography in China approach us to help them capture these white background images. Our prices are affordable, starting at $3 per image.


Type 2. Group product photography

Group shots display multiple products in the same frame.

When products are shot from directly above, it is called flat-lay product photography. Many clients in the cosmetics and electronics industries request this type of photography from us. This approach not only showcases the coordination between products but also helps to demonstrate potential purchase combinations to customers.


Type 3. Lifestyle product photography

This kind of photography is to illustrate the usage scenarios of the product.

For small businesses with limited budgets, we typically do not recommend using real-life settings or live models for photography, as this approach can be costly. An alternative approach is to first capture product photos and then composite them into existing scene images. You may come across many such composite images on platforms like Amazon.

As your business grows and you have a sufficient budget, you can choose real-life photography, as this can showcase a more natural effect.


Type 4. Detailed product photography

Emphasizing details is crucial in any context. For delicate items like jewelry and watches, this approach highlights the exquisite craftsmanship.

JingSourcing has captured disassembled images for many watch importers, showcasing information such as components and specifications of various parts. If you wish to present your products more dynamically and visually through videos, we charge a starting rate of $3 per second, with a minimum cost of $30, making it a budget-friendly option.


Type 5. Mannequin product photography

This photography approach is commonly employed in the fields of apparel, jewelry, and accessories. It involves showcasing the products worn by either live models or mannequins to provide consumers with a clearer sense of the overall effect. Utilizing live models can be a costlier option.


Type 6. Scale product photography

While many product size charts provide dimensional information, they often fail to convey the actual size tangibly.

When clients request us to capture such images, we creatively use everyday familiar objects relevant to the product to provide a comparative scale, effectively showcasing the actual size of the product.


Type 7. Packaging product photography

Packaging is also a crucial factor that customers consider. When products are similar, customers might make purchasing decisions based on attractive and elegant packaging. For instance, the unique design of the packaging for these false eyelashes is more appealing compared to regular transparent ones.

If you have not yet designed product packaging, JingSourcing’s professional design team can help you custom packaging and do photography.


Simply provide your budget and requirements, and we can offer you cost-effective photography services. Most of the preliminary work is complimentary before placing an order. Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you require this service.

Get tailored product photography by JingSourcing

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