Auto body parts wholesale business is a good business because the parts of the original car are very expensive. So there are a lot of factories in China that produce the same parts as the original, but selling them at a price less than 50% of the original.

But what I want to talk about today, is not buy brand new parts in China, but the used auto parts. More exactly, it is the parts disassembled from accident cars or stolen cars. The price of these parts is 20% or even 10% of the original new parts.

In this article, I will introduce the largest used car part market in China, Guangzhou Chentian Auto Parts Market. In this market, you can find almost all the parts of every brand and model, from Volkswagen to Ferrari. And no matter for retail or wholesale auto parts, the price is the lowest here. Because here is the source of auto spare parts and the body shops from all over China come here to purchase used auto parts for sale and repair.

A few weeks ago I found this secret market by accident and found a part for my Porsche Boxster.

It is really a novel experience so I record it into a video. You can see the whole story on the video below.

The Secret Largest Used Auto Parts Market in China

There is a funny saying that you can assemble an Audi at a price of 30,000-50,000 RMB ($4,500 -$7,000), and no more than 200,000 RMB ($30,000) for a Rolls-Royce in Chentian. 

You may now wonder why this secret market exists and how it works. Let me reveal the secret for you. When I was in Chentian Auto Parts Market, I just saw a fresh accident Volkswagen Phaeton moved here, waiting for disassembling.


This market has its own complete industrial chain. Every day, there will be tons of scrapped cars or car parts transported here. They are maybe stolen or from a car accident from all over the world. As the picture shows, the car will be waiting for disassembling like a fish and different parts will be taken by different sellers to their own warehouse according to their product types.

So you can almost find every auto parts of every car brand and model, from tire, bumper to even a single battery of Volkswagen, BMW to luxury cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari and so on.


When speaking of battery, an interesting real case comes to my mind. There was a Tesla owner and something went wrong with his Tesla’s battery. And the surprising thing was, he didn’t go to a body shop for repair and assurance, but turned to Chentian for help. And what shocked people most is, the “scientists” in Chentian only spent a night replacing 5,000 lithium batteries at a very low price!


What makes Chentian market become famous

There are another two real stories which make Chentian Auto Parts Market really famous at home and abroad. 

The First thing is that an American driver Ross unluckily damaged her modified race car in a race in China. While it is hard to find the damaged parts due to the old model of the car and it is also difficult to catch the next game to ask for the parts from America.  

Larry Chen, his friend, thought of a local used car part market at that moment and visited this market for a try. The local auto part market is just Chentian market, guess what? He found all the parts he needed in this market. The market really impressed him and after the race, he posted this experience on the internet.

Chentian-Auto-Parts-Market (1)

Can you imagine where the auto parts in this market come from?  Not only accident cars from China or from all over the world, but even stolen cars. The Germany magazine AutoBild found the secret one day. The Navigation system of their BMW test car was stolen. And the instrument traveled 71 days from Hamburg to Finland, Paris, HongKong, Vietnam and finally, Chentian in Guangzhou, about 18,000 kilometers. 

And at the end of the story, the people from AutoBild found the instrument in Henan by following the GPS and took a photo with the current owner as a memento.

See? The auto parts in Chentian are really various and you don’t have to doubt whether it is a fake one. All you need to do is check the quality if it has any problems. 

How to get to The Chentian Auto Part Market

In fact, “Chentian ” is the name of a village. The previous location of the Chentian Auto Parts Market was located in Chentian Village, and that’s the origin of its name. And now, this market has moved to a new place (open in Google map), No. 9, Huabei Road, Huadu District, Guangzhou (广州花都新陈田汽配市场).

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is 15 kilometers from Chentian Auto Part Market. So if you take the plane to Guangzhou, you can call a taxi from the airport and it will take about 25 minutes to get there.

How Cheap and How You can buy used auto parts here?

I will share my experience of this market to tell you how cheap the used auto parts are and how you can buy them.

Not long ago, there is something wrong with a mounting part of the engine of my Porsche Boxster. When I turn on the car, the error message of PADM will show up. And the local dealer told me they would charge me $2,000 to replace a new one. Spending $2,000 to fix such a small issue sounds not that worthwhile. So I’d more like to see if I can find the part in Chentian Auto Part Market.

Since here is the source of used auto parts in China, I found the part easily and the price is 85% cheaper than the new parts from my local dealer.

As I walked through the market, I noticed that many stores were selling front bumpers for lamborghini Aventador. You know, a brand new aventador in China will sell for nearly $1 million. And Chinese lamborghini dealers would charge $20, 000 to $30, 000 for a brand new bumper.

Because they need to purchase these parts from the lamborghini factory in Italy, and then send them to China. It is not only expensive, but also time-consuming. It’s fine if the insurance pays, but your premiums are likely to go up next year.

While you can pay only $1,500-$2,000 in this market and make a bargain. Because they don’t think I will buy it, so the price they quote is still high.

How to buy car parts here by retail or wholesale?

It is not difficult to find the parts you want although the stores here look small. The sellers will usually put their main product in an obvious place and they all own a warehouse nearby. More importantly, each store will have its own network of relationships, so if you can’t find the part by yourself, ask the seller for help. He or she will tell you where you can find it.

No matter you come here for wholesale auto parts or you want to retail for your own use, please note that cash is not accepted here. They’d like to receive money through Wechat or Alipay. So if you don’t have an account, ask a Chinese to help you with the pay. Welcome to contact us if you need a Chinese agent for you.

What kind of quality guarantee for auto parts does the market have?

Anyhow, the parts you buy in this market are all used and you may worry about the quality of the part. The seller will offer quality assurance for a month but if you bring these parts out of China, the quality assurance fails. So don’t forget to check the quality of the products after purchasing.

If there is any problem, the seller will help fix it or return your money.

The key point is, if you want to purchase used auto parts in this market for your long-term business, you need to find reliable suppliers for long-term cooperation, ask him to help you source, inspect and ship the goods to guarantee the stable quality.

Thank you for your reading!

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