Recently, one of our customers asks us to help him source 1000 pcs of “Naughty Knot”. He had purchased this product in Germany before. It had a delicate packaging box and colored stickers with product information stuck on them. He knows that the German supplier must import the product from China.

When he contacted us, the customer categorically said that he needed his company Logo and information printed on the box. However, we found out that all Naughty Knot suppliers in China don’t provide packaging boxes. So, it seems the German supplier bought the gift boxes from other gift packaging suppliers.

The factory we contacted had never provided packaging boxes for this product before. In addition, this was a small order and as such, the factory didn’t want to get involved with buying these boxes from box suppliers.

In this regard, we came up with two solutions for our customer:

Solution 1: First, we can buy the gift boxes from the box supplier, which will be similar to what he had bought before. These probably need $0.37 each. We will then find a print shop to print the stickers with our customer’s customized designs and stick them on the box. This will cost us around $0.06 each. Ultimately, the packaging box will be identical to the customer’s sample that came from the German supplier.

Solution2: Alternatively, we can use a normal box. With such a box, it’s easy to directly print a customer’s design on the box without the need for a sticker. Of course, the quality of the box will not be as good as that of the gift box; but the price will be much cheaper, costing around $0.14 each.

Then, the customer chose the first solution mainly because the previously packaged products he bought sold well. He felt that if he changed to a cheaper packaging option, the sales of the product will go down as well. He chose to use the same packaging boxes as before.

If this customer had never dealt with this product before, we would have recommended solution 2. This is mainly because the cost is much lower, and the box can be designed into any shape he wants. In addition, printing any design or information on the box is easier, for instance, the product’s user manual.

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