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Multiple Laundry Bags We Sourced for Our Clients

Mesh Laundry Bags for Washing Machine

7Pcs Mesh Laundry Bags

7Pcs Mesh Laundry Bags Set

Item ID: 9a04a01
Price: $1.76 /set as low
MOQ: 500 set

underwear laundry bag

Underwear Laundry Bag Set

Item ID: 9a04a02
Price: $0.24-$0.44 /pcs
MOQ: 1000 pcs

Underwear laundry bag

Underwear Laundry bag 

Item ID: 9a04a03
Price: $0.5 /pcs as low
MOQ: 1000 pcs

Mesh Laundry Bag with Drawstring for Washing Machine

Mesh Laundry Bag with Drawstring 

Item ID: 9a04a04
Price: $0.26 /pcs as low
MOQ: 1000 pcs

Shoes Wash Bags

Shoes Wash Bags

Item ID: 9a04a05
Price: $1.0 /pcs as low
MOQ: 500 pcs

Shoes Wash Bags

Shoes Laundry Bags

Item ID: 9a04a06
Price: $0.75 /pcs as low
MOQ: 600 pcs

Shoes Wash Bags

Shoes Wash Bags

Item ID: 9a04a07
Price: $0.95 /pcs as low
MOQ: 500 pcs

Shoes Wash Bags

Shoes Laundry Bags

Item ID: 9a04a08
Price: $1.1/pcs as low
MOQ: 500 pcs

Laundry Bags

laundry bag

 82L Large Laundry Bag (6 Colors)

Item ID: 9a04a09
Price: $11.5/set
MOQ: 100set

laundry bag

Cotton and Linen Laundry Bag

Item ID: 9a04a10
Price: $2.65 /pcs as low
MOQ: 500 pcs

laundry bag

Tarpaulin Laundry Bag

Item ID: 9a04a11
Price: $1.6 /pcs as low
MOQ: 300 pcs

laundry bag

Three-case Oxford Cloth Folding Laundry Basket

Item ID: 9a04a12
Price: $4.0 /pcs as low
MOQ: 300 pcs

laundry bag

Felt Laundry Bag Home Storage Bag Custom Logo

Item ID: 9a04a13
Price: $1.0 /pcs as low
MOQ: 500 pcs

High Quality Eco friendly 100% Polyester Nylon Custom Shark Shape Felt Laundry Bag

100% Polyester Nylon Custom Shark Shape Felt Laundry Bag

Item ID: 9a04a14
Price: $2.9 /pcs as low
MOQ: 500 pcs

Other Laundry Bags

laundry bag

Large Travel Laundry Bag Nylon Rip-stop Dirty Storage Bag

Item ID: 9a04a15
Price: $3.0/pcs as low
MOQ: 100pcs

laundry bag on door

Laundry Bag behind the Door Portable durable Oxford Cloth

Item ID: 9a04a16
Price: $2.5 /pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs

laundry bag

Laundry Basket with Four Sides of net Cloth

Item ID: 9a04a17
Price: $0.38 /pcs as low
MOQ: 500pcs

laundry bag

Plastic Laundry Basket Dirty Clothes Storage Basket

Item ID: 9a04a18
Price: $1.5 /pcs as low
MOQ: 500 pcs

If you need other type of Laundry bags, tell us more details of the laundry bag you are looking for. Your personal agent will find the manufacturer in China and send you quotation shortly (Amazon, Ebay links will be good).

Why Choose Jingsourcing to Import
Tumblers from China?

Competitive Product Price

By selecting the best from hundreds manufacturers, we help you save 10%, 20% or more on product price, than sourcing suppliers by yourself. Even order small quantity, you still get competitive prices.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

We offer more packaging solutions and design service to make your product more attractive to customers. You can enjoy this service, even for small quantity orders.

Save Time & Ensure Quality

We help you follow-up production to save your time. All your products will be inspected in our warehouse. We help you handle all quality issues before your products leave China.

Save Shipping Cost

Not only help you save money on products, we also help you save cost on shipping. Because we ship out tons products everyday, so you always get low shipping cost no matter by sea or air.

Multiple Private Label Solutions

Selling Private Label products is the key point to bring more profit and become successful in any marketplace nowadays.

Our team supported over 4,000 people for wide range of products, thus we can offer multiple solutions to brand your products, even for small quantity.

According to your requirement on design and cost, your agent will quote you solutions like screen printing, laser engraving, gift box, card box, wood box and more.

Get an agent from our team, and let him offer you cost-effective private label solution for your products!

The Process of Purchasing Through Jingsourcing

Step 1

   Fill out the contact form. An agent will reach out to you, and send you quotation from the best manufacturer. It’s free.

Step 2

   Get product sample from us to check quality. We also help you customize product sample with your design or packaging. Sample cost just starts from $20.

Step 3

   Confirm all details before production. Then we help you follow up production, make sure products are made according to your requirements. You only pay service fee 5% as low.

Step 4

   Once the production is finished. We help you inspect quality for free, and send you inspection report. Then help you arrange shipment all the way to your address in your country.