Basic Photos

We take white background photos of your products from meticulously selected angles, highlighting their features and advantages, making it easy to list them on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms.

When you place a Pro order with JingSourcing and the purchasing amount for each product exceeds $500, you will receive a $9 coupon for the basic photo service of that product.

  • Photography Fee: starts from $3/image/product.
  • Extra Product Fee: each additional product added to the same image will cost an extra $1 to $3.
  • Preparation Fee: projects requiring additional preparation (e.g., products that are large in volume or require assembly) will cost an extra labor fee of $5/30min.

Lifestyle Photos

We have a real-scene photography studio that can provide you with realistic lifestyle settings. We will take photos of your product from multiple angles for you to choose from. Our designers can also use Photoshop to create scenes with richer elements.

  • Photography and Design Fee: starts at $20/pic.
  • Scene Fee: photoshop scenes are free of charge; real scenes start at $50/project.
  • Model Fee: western models start at $180/hour; pet models start at $50/hour; For other models, please inquire for specific pricing.

Design Inquiry