Even Santa Clause is riding around on this electric tricycle made in China. And it’s not just him—many people also consider it as the perfect gift from China to their families and friends.

santa's new ride

In rural areas and night markets across China, these electric tricycles are a common sight. They’re affordable, easy to use, and don’t require a driver’s license. The elderly in China use them to transport goods, while small vendors turn them into mobile stalls.

electric tricycle use

Now, the popularity of these tricycles has gone global. After marrying in the U.S., a Chinese daughter-in-law named Bobo gifted one to her father-in-law as a Christmas present for use on the farm. Once registered, he rode it out and about, sparking curiosity from many onlookers, some even offered to buy it on the spot.

electric tricycle ice cream stall

In places like California’s farming regions, these tricycles are particularly useful. They’re like fitting a pickup truck’s cargo bed onto the back of an electric bike—compact, easy to operate, rechargeable, and cheaper than a bulky truck.

Moreover, their uses extend beyond just transportation and hauling. They can be transformed into mobile shops or delivery vehicles. For example, we helped a client in Rwanda purchase twenty-five such tricycles for use as delivery vehicles. The local people found them convenient and cool, with almost everyone wanting one.

our agent testing the tricycle
Our agent Joe and Rene are testing the tricycle

Many factories in China, mainly in provinces like Jiangsu and Tianjin, manufacture these vehicles. Our team found a factory in Tianjin that offered a 1.5-meter model for less than $500, customizable to the client’s needs for climbing capability and door styles.

However, these tricycles are bulky items, and parts are hard to find outside China, which presents some logistical and after-sales challenges. The model Bobo bought cost about $600, which is not expensive, but the shipping from China was more than the price of the tricycle itself, as it is over 800 pounds.

When planning exports for our clients, we also pay attention to the logistics. A 40-foot container can fit about 36 tricycles of 1.5 meters each. This brings the shipping cost per tricycle to around $200 to the U.S. This significantly saves on shipping costs and reduces concerns over logistics expenses.

electric tricycle shipping

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