Over the past 4 years, searches for Vietnam sourcing agents have increased. With lower labor costs than China’s, Vietnam has become a good option to import products. But most people don’t have much experience in importing from Vietnam.

This is why I contacted sourcing agents in Vietnam and invited 8 of them to share insights into local sourcing markets or introduce specialized services. Most of them are located in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the fastest-growing manufacturing hubs in Asia. Click corporate names, and directly go to the one you’re interested in.


logo of ChinaImportal, Vietnam Sourcing Agent

I am the founder, Fredrik, visiting Vietnam monthly since late 2017. Vietnam has low labor costs like China, but industrial chains are not so diverse as China’s. Take watches and electronics for example. You’ll find it more difficult to look for such factories in Vietnam. If you tend to purchase textiles, Vietnam is a very good option.

In Vietnam, you’d better visit factories to check their qualifications if you are going to handle a large order with them. Vietnam has no established wholesale website like Alibaba China, which can give you easy access to suppliers. And nowadays few people verify the factory quality on-site, especially when buying small quantities. So, sourcing agencies are valuable as long as they give you access to the factory.

This is why I keep visiting Vietnam. We can provide Vietnam supplier directory lists and help manage the sourcing process, including quality inspections, lab testing, and shipping from the main ports, including Ho Chi Minh and Hai Phong outside of Hanoi.

For more about sourcing from China vs Vietnam, check out the interview I did with Jing.

Sourcify (Vietnam)

logo of Sourcify - Vietnam Sourcing Agent

Our digital platform makes sourcing in Vietnam straightforward. We start by understanding your demands and help manage your supply chains in Vietnam, from selecting suitable pre-vetted factories, sampling, to product manufacturing, inspection, and delivery. And to ensure a stable and scalable supply chain, we have offices across Asia and manufacturing partners in almost any product category.

In addition, we design training courses to help eCommerce entrepreneurs develop their businesses and branding, which is featured in CNBC, CNN, and Forbes.

Cosmo Sourcing

logo of Cosmo Sourcing - Vietnam Sourcing Agent

Cosmo Sourcing is a full-service, general sourcing company that started in Vietnam in 2014. Since then, we have helped 100s of clients source products from Vietnam and China.

Cosmo has worked with first-time FBA sellers to Fortune 500 companies. We were one of the first sourcing companies to see Vietnam’s opportunities and were operating years before the Trade war started. As a result, Cosmo is one of the most experienced sourcing companies. Cosmo maintains one of the largest databases of Vietnamese Suppliers, with full details of over 14,000 factories.

At Cosmo Sourcing, we consider transparency one of our core principles. Our services are set up so that you can get the full contact details of the factories and are free to work with them without a middle man if you wish. We deliver the original quotes with no markups or commission. You can work directly with the factory or use our services to handle the whole sourcing process for you; the choice is yours.

Dragon Sourcing

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As a Vietnam sourcing company, we are transparent at work, sharing all supplier information with our clients. Furthermore, we are experienced in purchasing raw materials and finished goods including customized items. Also, another point worth mentioning is that we offer BOM (Bill of Material) Cost Reduction service to help save your production costs through correctly standardizing the material lists and parts.

Besides, we provide consultation services to help you make better decisions when entering markets in Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. For one thing, our management team has rich experience in consulting and procurement. For another, we have offices in Asia, Europe, and America to keep abreast with the latest local market information.

Sourcing Company in Vietnam

LOGO of Sourcing Company in Vietnam

I am Chris, engaging in Vietnam manufacturing and procurement consulting since 2008. I have built a Vietnam sourcing website. My specialty is garment manufacturing. If you need apparel factories for small quantities, I can put you into direct contact with them. Besides, I have experience with non-apparel such as plastic injection molding and furniture.

You can book consulting on my website, which is designed for Vietnam sourcing. By chatting on Skype or WhatsApp, I will quickly point you in the right direction. What’s more, you can read my e-books to get familiar with all essential matters you should know before contacting manufacturers in Vietnam. If you need more services such as factory introductions, audits, and quality control, the Vietnam sourcing team I cooperate with can make it.

Vietnam Sourcing

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We have experience with textiles, electronic products, engineered product components, handicrafts, and furniture. If you want to purchase those products, Vietnam Sourcing is a good choice.

First, we will understand your demand and then look for suitable suppliers for you. The next stage is supplier verification and selection. When it comes to product manufacturing, we provide quality control services to ensure your product is up to standard. Plus, we can arrange the shipment if you need it.

Additionally, if you intend to find partners in Vietnam, we can help you analyze the market and bring your products to the market.

Modern Sourcing

logo of Modern Sourcing - Vietnam Sourcing Agent

We specialize in sourcing products and manufacturers in Vietnam. Whether you buy available items or develop new products, we can help you do that. Our product categories include eco-items, garden & outdoor living, indoor furniture & home product, fashion apparel & accessories, and packaging.

What’s more, we help clients manage their supply chains in Vietnam, from factory audits, sampling, production management, to pre-shipment quality check, and delivery.


logo of Seditex - Vietnam Sourcing Agent

I am Frank Vossen, the founder of Seditex plus a manufacturing expert. I form a sourcing team to match our clients with suppliers in Vietnam. Apparel is the industry we are most familiar with, followed by the furniture, metal works, and plastic injecting.

Furthermore, we have a professional quality assurance team to perform inspections & audits. For example, our quality control for apparel and goods ranges from factory audits, pre-production, in-line and final inspections, to compliance audits and lab tests.

The End

Hope this post can give you some inspiration on Vietnam sourcing and make your importing business easier. Share this post with others if you find it useful. Should you have anything to say or any questions, leave a comment below.

Be sure to contact us if you are interested in China sourcing. We Jingsourcing, a leading sourcing agency in China, have helped many clients purchase products at the most competitive prices.

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