JingSourcing was established in 2015 in Yiwu, China. It aims to serve buyers from various countries by offering a one-stop purchasing solution. This includes supplier search, prototyping, production follow-up, quality inspection, and door-to-door transportation. We have helped over 4,000 small and medium-sized businesses, 70% of which are e-commerce sellers on Amazon and independent sites. Of the products we have sourced, 40% are exported to Europe and America.

Many people are asking if JingSourcing is 100% reliable. They get worried when they read some reviews saying JingSourcing accepted payments but didn’t ship goods. Today, let’s have an open and honest discussion about whether JingSourcing is a scam company and why there are fake reviews on the internet.

1. Is JingSourcing really a scam company?

If you look up “JingSourcing scam” online, you’ll see some stories about people who say they paid JingSourcing but didn’t get their items. We must clarify these false reviews, as they can mislead people who really want to know about JingSourcing.

JingSourcing has been around since 2015 and there has never been a real case where a client paid but did not receive their goods. All the negative comments on Reddit about JingSourcing posted around April 7-8, 2021, came from just one person. This person hired different writers to damage our reputation. Believe us, the internet never forgets.

Fortunately, many kind and intelligent friends trust JingSourcing and know that these “bad reviews” are not real feedback.

Now, let me clarify what happened for everyone.

The person who left those reviews worked with our company for more than six months in 2020 and made a lot of orders. The agent from our team who was serving this client wanted to earn extra money. So, she quit her job and persuaded the client to bypass our company and pay her directly, that is to say, the payment went straight into the agent’s account. After a few weeks, the client told us he was tricked. The former employee took the money but did not send the goods and provided him with fake tracking numbers instead.

However, the client lied and said he didn’t know our agent had quit, and he demanded compensation for his loss. Moreover, he was unwilling to provide the complete remittance proof to the agent, as it would show that he was lying. This made it hard for the Chinese police to help him.

Later, the client still wanted to continue cooperating with our company but expected some compensation. After receiving a remittance of $30,000 from us, he continued to extort us for more, which we refused. After that, he paid people to spread false information about us online, saying we took the money but did not deliver the goods.

lightbulbHere’s another important tip: never rashly bypass your supplier and work directly with their agents. You can’t be sure if they are trustworthy or capable of handling your orders effectively. This is especially crucial for new businesses because not restocking goods on time can lead to big losses.

2. Is JingSourcing a 100% reliable sourcing company?

Yes, absolutely.

Firstly, JingSourcing is the only China sourcing company that openly allows public reviews online. Moreover, if they were a scam, they couldn’t have been in business for almost 10 years. And if they were unreliable, there would likely be negative reviews posted online every month. However, none of these have occurred.

On the contrary, many people recommend using JingSourcing because it is one of the few companies that can truly assist small and medium-sized businesses, especially e-commerce startups that import goods from China. Entrepreneur tutors like Steve and Stephen, who have tens of thousands of students, direct their students to us when they need help with sourcing from China. If JingSourcing were a scam as those fake reviews say, these mentors would lose their credibility, and there would be a bunch of bad reviews about JingSourcing all over social media.

Remember: In the Internet age, no business can keep scamming and still succeed for long.

3. Why need JingSourcing as your sourcing partner?

Sourcing products and finding factories in China is a complex task. It’s not like shopping on Amazon, where you can easily get a full refund if you’re not satisfied. This is especially true when you customize products from factories, which can take a lot of time, ranging from a minimum of 2-3 months to up to 6 months. During this period, you have to talk to suppliers many times to make changes to samples, follow up on mass production, inspect the quality, and urge factories to deliver on time. Even if most buyers are very involved and work hard throughout the process, it’s still hard to completely avoid problems.

When it comes to shipping stuff internationally, there are several important things to take care of. It involves choosing the right shipping method, preparing import and export customs documentation, ensuring the reliability of the freight forwarder, and ensuring timely delivery. If you’re shipping special stuff like electronics or cosmetics, customs might want to see the Dangerous Goods Inspection Report and an MSDS certificate. Therefore, many uncertain risks and uncontrollable factors often arise during transportation. JingSourcing is here to help make sure the whole sourcing process goes smoothly and the products ship to your door safely.

4. Why JingSourcing have so many happy clients?

Our mission is to assist more small and medium-sized businesses and make it easier for startups to begin their businesses. We help them improve their supply chain in China, enabling them to focus more on marketing and growing their business. This is what we have always been committed to doing, and we cherish our reputation a lot. The fake reviews that talk about payment but no delivery are not something a trustworthy, long-term business would do.

Our relationship with our clients is more like that of partners, not just a business. We trust each other and establish long-term, stable cooperation. Some of our clients remain our friends, even if they no longer need our services.

We have been continuously improving our team and addressing our weaknesses, striving to provide our clients with the most professional and efficient service. If clients are dissatisfied with their assigned 1-on-1 agent, they can freely share their feedback with the supervisor or the company’s customer service department. We fully support and assist them in making things right.

Furthermore, we understand that 90% of e-commerce sellers worry about their cash flow. A good payment term is essential for rapid business growth, and that’s why we offer better terms than other companies to assist our clients.

Finally, we’d like to say that we are more than just a sourcing company. We always strive to help our clients seize the biggest opportunities to sell their products online.

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