JingSourcing, a sourcing company founded in 2015 in Yiwu, China, helps buyers worldwide with a one-stop sourcing solution. We offer services like factory search, production follow-up, quality inspection, and door-to-door transportation. We’ve assisted over 4,000 small and medium-sized businesses, with 70% of them involved in various types of e-commerce. Of the products we source, 80% are exported to Europe and America.
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When some new clients search for information about JingSourcing online, they come across claims that JingSourcing is a scam and that we take payment but don’t deliver the goods, leading to confusion.
Today, let’s have an open and honest discussion about whether JingSourcing is a scam company and why there are fake reviews online. This quick 6-minute read will give you insight into JingSourcing. To get the full understanding, we hope you’ll read to the end. We’ll cover the following:

1. Explanation of false information about JingSourcing scam

The information online about JingSourcing being a scam, where money is received but goods are not delivered, is all false. All such comments were posted between April 1, 2021, and April 8, 2021, by a single client who hired people online to post these comments on platforms like Reddit, Trustpilot, and Facebook.
The reality of this false comment is as follows: a client started working with us in 2020 for a year, then bypassed our company and worked directly with an agent, who later left the company. A month later, the client complained that the agent had deceived him and not delivered the goods, but the client lied about not bypassing us and transacting with the agent directly. This client continued to extort compensation from us and hired people online to post many false comments between April 1 and April 8, 2021.

2. Why JingSourcing is the top-rated China sourcing company?

B2B and B2C businesses are very different. In B2C businesses like retail, restaurants, and hotels, customers frequently share their experiences through reviews. However, for B2B companies, it’s rare to receive online reviews from clients. In China, there are hundreds of thousands of factories and trading companies with no information on the internet or social media, whether positive or negative.
JingSourcing is the only sourcing company in China openly allows everyone to write review online. If JingSourcing were an untrustworthy company, different clients might write negative reviews online every month or year.

However, all comments online claiming that JingSourcing deceives clients by receiving money but not delivering goods occurred only in early April 2021 from that client we mentioned earlier. Other negative reviews about JingSourcing are limited to individual customers being dissatisfied with product prices or the quality of samples received.

Despite the impact of these false comments, our ratings on Trustpilot and Facebook remain at 4.6 and 4.3, respectively. Over the past 10 years, we have received many genuine customer reviews on these platforms.

3. Basic Information about JingSourcing and Its Affiliates

The Chinese name of JingSourcing’s mainland China entity is “义乌市兢赛电子商务有限公司” (Yiwu City Jing Sai Ecommerce Co., Limited), pronounced in Mandarin as “Yi Wu Shi Jing Sai Dian Zi Shang Wu You Xian Gong Si.” The literal meaning is “Yiwu City Jing Sai Ecommerce Co., Limited,” where “JingSai” is the Mandarin pronunciation of “兢赛.”
The official English name of the mainland China company is “Yiwu JingSourcing Ecommerce Co., Limited.” The “Import & Export License” in the attachment verifies the relationship between the company’s official Chinese name and English name.
The mainland China company’s business license number is 913307823299719XU, and it was established on November 12, 2014. The legal representative of the company is Zhu Jing, with the English name Jing Zhu.
The primary responsibilities of JingSourcing’s mainland company include conducting all business activities within mainland China, including employee organization management, supply chain management, and goods export.
Business License
Business License
Export License
JingSourcing also has a Hong Kong company named “競和賽貿易有限公司” (Jingwholesale Trading Co., Limited), established on March 18, 2014, with Zhu Jing also as the legal representative. Due to China’s strict foreign currency management, all foreign currency payments made to JingSourcing enter this Hong Kong company.

4. Chinese Government and Third-party Institution Credit Reports

4.1 National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System

JingSourcing’s mainland China entity has been in operation for nearly 10 years and has maintained a very good rating in China’s national credit system, with no adverse information records.
In China’s “National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System,” the national credit report for the company can be found by querying the business license number 9133078232299719XU or searching for the company name “义乌市兢赛电子商务有限公司.”
There is a Chinese report downloaded from the national system, as well as simple translations into English done through Google Translate. Note that in the report, “Jingsai” is the Mandarin pronunciation of JingSourcing’s Chinese company.

4.2 Third-party Institution Credit Reports

QCC is the largest third-party company in China for investigating enterprise information and credit. The company collects all enterprise information from the Chinese internet, including whether the enterprise has committed any illegal activities, violations, or fines, and also discloses all of the enterprise’s court litigation information.
During this 10-year period of operation, there was only one legal case in which JingSourcing was a defendant. Due to disagreements over product quality with a factory, a final purchase contract termination agreement was reached with the supplier under the mediation of the court. JingSourcing has been the plaintiff in all other court litigations.
The folder contains QCC’s credit report on JingSourcing, with an excellent business rating. The folder also contains simple translations of the report into English and Spanish done through Google Translate. Note that in the report, “Jingsai” is the Mandarin pronunciation of JingSourcing’s Chinese company.

5. Clients who have visited JingSourcing

Over the past nearly 10 years of operation, JingSourcing has purchased goods from China for over 4,000 clients from different countries. 

Clients are visiting Jingsourcing in 2024

Some of our representative clients

ECommerce educational institutions such as Seller Tactics and Rainmaker are also our long-term partners. We help their students launch business with reduced risks and accelerated growth.
Many established eCommerce companies choose us as their supply chain solution for their extensive SKU count. These companies, from countries such as the US, Hungary, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic, make annual purchases worth millions of dollars.
BabyBlendy is an innovative baby bottle company. We are the support behind their revolutionary electric bottle featuring a patented built-in blender that ensures convenient and efficient feeding. We took care of sketching, massive production, and packaging.
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