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Turtle night light

Function: Turtle night light is an amazing kid toy lamp, where the turtle shell decorates the entire room with moon and stars as an amazing night light. It also plays a nice soulful tune that will easily calm any child and relax them before going to sleep! Full night sky projection on any ceiling. 8 acyual star constellations.

Color: Brown/Blue/Pink

Turtle Star Guide” to help find and recognize the constellations:

  • Automatic time-out after around 50 minutes.
  • Ideal for ages 3 to adult.
  • Built-in switches: The first is on/off switch, second is 4 color auto switch, third is 4 color manual switch and the last is music switch. 4 built-in songs for sleep
  • Built-in four color high brightness LED luminous component

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  1. Denisha

    Merk ik dat ik toch nog wat gemist heb, maar kan ook zijn dat ik door de bomen het bos niet meer zag! Maar genoten hebben we dat is te merken! GrdeejtsLioa

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