Are You Importing from China?

Do You Want to Import from China?

See how Jingsourcing help you source products in China.

We are the best Chinese Sourcing Agent, helping small business source products in China.

Why Jingsourcing is different from others?

Serve for Small Business

We source products for small business. Our flexible service rate only starts from $50, and low MOQ for $200/product.

Free Sourcing Service

Post products you need, then we source them and reply you the price for free.
Only When you place order, we charge reasonable service fee.

Quote Lowest Price

We help you negotiate the lowest price with suppliers, based on your request.
No kickbacks, we only charge service fee for manage producing, product inspection, and shipping.

1VS1 Customer Service

Your assigned assistant will help you solve problems all the way until you received your products.

Efficient Online Platform

More efficient and clear than Email communication, and all process will be finished on our website system.
You will got sourcing result in 48 hours.

Professional Team

We are local Chinese Team, knowing Chinese manufacture well.
All team members are well educated, really focus on working, providing the best service.

Our Blog Shares Valuable Trading Information

There are many articles sharing trading knowledge on internet, but usually they are boring and useless, because they always talking about concept and theory.
Quite different from them, all our blog article s are more practical and useful for you, when import products from China.
As sourcing products in China for years, we know supplier’s tricks well and will show you how Chinese manufacturers work, in different aspects.

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We Can Help You Source These Products

To provide you good service, currently we only help you source products in following areas, which we are familiar with.

We will help you source other products in the future.

Outdoor & Sports Household & Garden
   Outdoor & Sports  Household & Garden
Toys & Kids Stationery & Office
  Toys & Kids Stationery & Office
Car Accessories

Car Accessories

Party & Events Pet Products
Party & Events Pet Products
Electronics Products Hardware & Tools
Electronics Products Hardware & Tools
LED Lighting

LED Lighting

How Do Other Customers Say

“Before knowing Jingsourcing, I searched and bought toys products on Alibaba all by myself. It took me too much time, and had lots product problem when I received them.
Working with Jingsourcing , I saved 70% time on sourcing products, and no more product problems.”

Justin Ong, Singapore

“I know on internet by random, and I was really curious about this site. So I try asking them to help me source gymnastic balls, and I got very good quote after 18 hours. I really like their working style, very efficient.”

Alex Kirsch, Germany

“Every time I need some products, I will ask them for quote first. It’s interesting that they are never afraid for price comparison, and always can find suppliers meeting my request.”

Sebastien, France