Jingsourcing is China’s best-choice sourcing agency, helping thousands of Amazon sellers import from China.

We offer a one-stop shopping service, from sourcing your product here in China, through to shipping to Amazon warehouses worldwide.

We help you save time, save on costs, and reduce the risks usually associated with importing from China.

Tell us what you’re after, and you‘ll receive our best-price quote within 2 days.


For a 5-10% service fee, you receive all of the following services.

We Find You the Best Suppliers

As we’re based in China, we’re familiar with a wide range of manufacturers for all kinds of products.
We’ll always ensure you get the most competitive price and best quality products, leaving you better off than searching suppliers on Alibaba all by yourself.

One-on-One Customer Service

Upon contacting Jingsourcing with your product request, you’ll be assigned a professional customer representative to support you from sourcing, all the way through to shipping.
We’ve supported thousands of Amazon sellers, and can help you effectively find the right product niche, or source new products to boost your business.

Brand Your Product

We offer complete packaging solutions to personalize your product labels, allowing you to build your own brand.
Well-designed customized packaging differentiates your product from your competitors’, as well as increasing appeal to customers. This helps you sell your product for higher prices and increase profits.

Product Quality Inspection

We inspect all of your products before shipping.
If there are any quality issues, we negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, and fix problems before the products leave China.

Shipping to Amazon

We arrange shipping your products from China through to Amazon warehouses, all for a very low cost.
We also affix FNSKU and shipping labels, which are required by Amazon.

Free Product Photography

Once you place your order, you’ll receive free professional product photography, available for use in your Amazon listing.


Phil McCaty
As the founder of Amachete.co, I’ve helped hundreds of sellers launch profitable Amazon businesses. If every one of them used Jing Sourcing, they would all solve the single hardest part of the business model: finding a quality product with a reliable supplier, at a competitive price. Lori has been invaluable and Jing Sourcing is my secret weapon. Truly.
Paul Harvey
I have been a client of Jing’s for 18 months and blown away by their efficiency and professionalism. I send them a product with specs and within 3 days I get a number of quotes and samples within a week. Outstanding service!
Wyatt Nowak
I cannot begin to tell you how great Jing Sourcing has been for my Amazon business. I know as soon as I put my idea into their capable hands they will come back to me in a timely manner with be the best quality product at the best possible price. Their sourcing agents are hardworking, considerate and highly communicative. You just know they want your business to succeed.
Sophia Nguyen
Jing Sourcing service is amazing! My Amazon business started grown since I had an opportunity working with Jing and his agents. They work very professional, helpful, give me high-quality products with good price, save my time to focus on growing business, which I could not find any other services. I greatly appreciate this company and absolutely trust him and his agents. If you have a chance to work with this company, you won’t be disappointed!