Wholesale Camping Gear From China: Everything You Want To Know Is All Here
In recent years, wholesaling camping gear from China have become more and more popular. The camping gear is a very hot category in outdoor products, which contains a wide range of products […]
11 Solutions to Private Label Your Products
This year we have supported 80 people of an Amazon training program from the U.S. They needed our help to import from China and ship to Amazon’s FBA center. Although they are new […]
15 Expert’s Advises for “Don’t Make These Mistakes When Importing from China”
It seems rather easy to make a fortune by importing from China, the truth is that the process is fraught with potential problems. A tiny mistake can lead to a great loss of […]
Wholesale Fanny Pack From China: The Complete Guide
Recently, I received a lot of inquiries about wholesale fanny pack. While dealing with the inquiries, I also got a lot of experience in purchasing such products. And then, I decided […]
Shipping from China to Amazon FBA: the Definitive Guide in 2018
People who do Amazon business realize that a good business won’t just make you profitable, but you have to keep your business in order to prevent the tedious […]
How to Find Hotels in Yiwu?
If you want to arrange your hotel ahead of schedule, you can choose the following website for online booking […]
How to import LamZac air lounge from China
Early in April this year, my European client Jakub told me about this interesting Lamzac Hangout and want to find its suppliers. In fact, Jakub really had an insight into choosing products, as […]
What Advantages to Import from Vietnam Compared with China?
As the trade war between the US and China shows no signs of abating. Vietnam has progressively ramped up manufacturing, attracting foreign investors and increasing exports business.[…]
Wholesale Electronics from China: the Complete Guide 2018
Exports from China are booming yet there’s one segment of products that importers tend to stay away from. Business owners shy away from wholesale electronics from China as […]
Wholesale Diaper Bags from China: The Complete Guide 2018
We have received many new customers for importing diaper bags from China in the last two years. Many of them don’t […]
Industrial Clusters in Zhejiang Province, China
I have mentioned in before articles that products made in China all have their own industrial clusters. Knowing the industrial clusters helps a lot when you are importing products from China […]
Customize Product Packaging in China: A Complete Guide
In the present day, making own brand product is handy, and even open to small business or startups. The easiest way to have own brand product is to […]
Will Growing Numbers of Chinese Sellers on eBay & Amazon Take Away Your Business?
Nowadays, you will find there are growing numbers of Chinese sellers on online shopping websites like eBay and Amazon, and most their[…]
7 Ways to Verify Chinese Suppliers Are Factories, Not Trading Companies
Many importers are dying to know whether they are dealing with a factory or trading company when importing certain products from China […]
Tips for Sourcing Good Suppliers on Alibaba. You Never Knew Before
When it comes to discussing about how to source products (or how to find suppliers) in China, most people will come up with Alibaba.com. Because it is the largest B2B trading platform in the world […]
Importing Balancing Scooter from China: Problems You Should Know
Balancing scooter becomes one of the most popular products in the world since 2015, and lots of customers want to import this product by asking us to source suppliers from China […]
Small Chinese Factories Reliable? Introduction of 3 Types Small Factories in China
If you are importing daily used products from China (less than a container each product type), your manufacturers are probably very small. One […]
4 Reasons Why Trading Companies Are Better than Manufacturers
Most people who want to import certain products from china, they will always say “I want to find the factory”, because they think factory offer lowest price. This is not always true. Sometimes […]
How to get to Yiwu
Yiwu (义乌) is located in central Zhejiang province near the central eastern coast of China. It’s famous as world’s wholesale commodity center. There is no international flight can arrive Yiwu because […]
4 Main Reasons Why You Can’t Find Factories in China
Many importers who are purchasing products from China want to find real factory suppliers, not any middle men or trading companies, though this is not an easy task […]
Teach You How to Wholesale Pens From China -Easy and Cheap
As per the stats, demand for promotional pens in the United States is skyrocketing considering they are an incredibly cost-effective way to market your brand. However, most Americans […]
Wholesale Sunglasses from China: Complete Guide
Sunglasses, which were once a luxury product, have now become a must-have accessory for all. As such, many fast-fashion retailers are capitalizing on the demand for trendy eyewear. Selling sunglasses can be a lucrative business[…]
How to Wholesale Headphones from China
With many years of experience dealing in electronic products, I can gladly say that wholesale headphones are a good choice from the electronics category, especially […]
How to Import Jewelry Accessories from China
From a few months ago, lots of customers inquired us to help them import jewelry accessories from China through emails. Because they think this product nitch is pretty promising with its advantages […]

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