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Zhu Jing  is the founder of Jingsourcing.com. With years of experience sourcing in China, he writes only the truths which others are normally not willing to tell. This makes his posts distinguishable from other import & export articles.
  • Make own design packaging is quite easy in China, even for small business. This article is a complete guide explain how to do customized packaging in China

Customize Product Packaging in China: A Complete Guide

In the present day, making own brand product are handy, and even open to small business or startups. The easiest way to have own brand product is to print your company logo on the packaging, and China has an incredibly wide array of suppliers in packaging industry, offering all kinds solution for product packaging. In the […]
By |December 24th, 2015|Knowledge for Sourcing in China|9 Comments
  • There are glowing numbers Chinese supplier selling products on Ebay and Amazon with extremely low price. Should local sellers on Ebay & Amazon worry about them?

Will Growing Numbers of Chinese Sellers on eBay & Amazon Take Away Your Business?

Nowadays, you will find there are glowing numbers of Chinese sellers on online shopping website like eBay and Amazon, and most their product prices are extremely low, because they are directly sold from China to the final customers. Local sellers on eBay or Amazon start to worry about will these people take away their business. Indeed, if […]
By |December 22nd, 2015|Knowledge for Sourcing in China|3 Comments
  • 9 Ways to Verify Suppliers Are Factories, Not Trading Companies

7 Ways to Verify Chinese Suppliers Are Factories, Not Trading Companies

Many importers are dying to know whether they are dealing with a factory or trading company when importing certain products from China. Because almost every Chinese supplier claims that they are factories, including suppliers on Alibaba, though they are actually trading companies. So there are lots of blogs and articles that teach importers how to verify your suppliers […]
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  • how to source product (search supplier) on alibaba

Tips for Sourcing Good Suppliers on Alibaba. You Never Knew Before.

When it comes to discussing about how to source products (or how to find suppliers) in China, most people will come up with Alibaba.com. Because it is the largest B2B trading platform in the world, with millions Chinese suppliers in every industry. In each product category, there are still thousands suppliers, and most people don’t […]
By |December 16th, 2015|Knowledge for Sourcing in China|23 Comments
  • importing balancing scooter from China, problems you should know

Importing Balancing Scooter from China: Problems You Should Know

Balancing scooter becomes one of the most popular products in the world since 2015, and lots of customers want to import this product by asking us to source suppliers from China. Our last blog introduces some basic information of how to import balancing scooter from China. In this article, we will emphasize the problems you […]
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  • how to import balancing scooter from China: complete guide

How to Import Balancing Scooter from China: Complete Guide

Recently, many customers email us to help source balancing scooter suppliers. I have to say it is one of the hottest products in the world now. By searching on Google trend, we can see it becomes a hot topic since this year, and still keep going up. America and UK are the two most popular countries, […]
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  • Import Small Quantity from China

How to Import Small Quantity from China: Guide for Business Starter

We got many inquiries from people who want to start a small business by importing small quantity products from China, since our website Jingsourcing.com started. Most of them do not have much relevant experience, and just consider it’s very simple: find a Chinese supplier, buy products in low price, ship home and sell high price […]
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  • The left box is normal box, and the right side is our customer's design, with their language.

What to Do When a Customer’s Needs are Less Than Factory’s MOQ

Last November, a customer asked us to source 1000 pcs of “Potty Pad”. The customer wanted the packaging box to come with its own design. However, the factory’s Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 2000, which was much more than the customer’s needs. The factory said the MOQ for this product was 2000 pcs mainly because their […]
By |December 11th, 2015|Knowledge for Sourcing in China|0 Comments
  • trading companies VS manufacturers difference

4 Reasons Why Trading Companies Are Better than Manufacturers

Most people who want to import certain products from china, they will always say “I want to find the factory”, because they think factory offer lowest price. This is not always true. Sometimes, a trading company offers cheaper price than factories. Buying from factories also has various other troubles such as quality issue and late […]
By |December 9th, 2015|Knowledge for Sourcing in China|13 Comments
  • Help our customer source product "Naughty Knot" in China, and help him solve packaging box problem.

Solve Packaging Problems for Product “Naughty Knot”

Recently, one of our customers ask us to help him source 1000 pcs of “Naughty Knot”. He had purchased this product in Germany before. It had a delicate packaging box and colored stickers with product information stuck on it. He know that the German supplier must import the product from China. When he contacted us, the customer […]
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