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Zhu Jing  is the founder of Jingsourcing.com. With years of experience sourcing in China, he writes only the truths which others are normally not willing to tell. This makes his posts distinguishable from other import & export articles.
  • how to find a sourcing agent?

Teach You How to Find Good China Sourcing Agent

Ever encountered any difficulty while importing products from China? Delayed delivery time because the factory can’t complete the order on time, or perhaps a difference in the quality of the product received as compared to the sample reviewed before placing the order.

Sometimes you have signed the contract and are all set to receive your order. […]

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  • wholesale electronic from China

Wholesale Electronics from China: the Complete Guide 2018

Exports from China are booming yet there’s one segment of products that importers tend to stay away from. Business owners shy away from wholesale electronics from China as they find the process and regulation compliance complicated and confusing.

However, we will encourage you to indulge in wholesale electronic from China as the profit margins are comparatively […]

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  • yiwu wholesale market

Source Product in Yiwu Wholesale Market: Complete Guide

Whenever people talk about sourcing products from China, the Chinese Fairs always come first to many people’s minds, like the Canton fair in Guangzhou. But you can only attend these exhibitions at specific times.

In this case, I highly recommend that you come to Yiwu Wholesale Market, Which is the biggest wholesale market in the […]

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  • wholesale fanny pack post

Wholesale Fanny Pack From China: The Complete Guide

Recently, I received a lot of inquiries about wholesale fanny pack. While dealing with the inquiries, I also got a lot of experience in purchasing such products. And then, I decided to write this article to share how to correctly import fanny packs from China.

1. What’s a Fanny Pack? How Hot Is It?
The […]

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  • Wholesale camping gear from China

Wholesale Camping Gear From China: Everything You Want To Know Is All Here

In recent years, wholesaling camping gear from China have become more and more popular. The camping gear is a very hot category in outdoor products, which contains a wide range of products.

It doesn’t matter if you want to buy some camping gear at wholesale price for daily use or purchase in bulk for business. This […]

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Wholesale Diaper Bags from China: The Complete Guide 2018

We have received many new customers for importing diaper bags from China in the last two years. Many of them don’t know how to import diaper bag from China. They encounter a lot of problems when purchasing a diaper bag. This article helps customers who want to wholesale diaper bag in China. It also helps […]

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  • private label your products

11 Solutions to Private Label Your Products


This year we have supported 80 people of an Amazon training program from the U.S. They needed our help to import from China and ship to Amazon’s FBA center. Although they are new to this business, they really focus on designing own packaging and adding private label to every single product for branding strategy.

There are […]

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  • how to import toys from China:complete guide--Jingsourcing.com

How to Import Toys from China: Complete Guide

A lot of my friends, including our foreign customers and Chinese suppliers, do not prefer doing toy’s business because there are countless different types of toy products, and get no idea about what to sell. Another reason is that many countries have a lot of rules about importing toys, which will certainly cause many troubles in this process.

But […]

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Shipping from China to Amazon FBA: The Definitive Guide in 2018

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA The Definitive Guide in 2018

People who do Amazon business realize that a good business won’t just make you profitable, but you have to keep your business in order to prevent the tedious operations to occupy the time of your life.

We have many years of experience in helping US Amazon […]

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  • 4 Main Reasons Why You Can't Find Factories in China

4 Main Reasons Why You Can’t Find Factories in China


Many importers who are purchasing products from China want to find real factory suppliers, not any middle men or trading companies, though this is not an easy task.

The topic “how to find factory in China” is discussed frequently in many Facebook/LinkedIn groups and trading forums that related to “import from China”. But unfortunately most answers […]

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